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And Now the Kardashians Have a Lingerie Line, Too

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You know, there’s a question that’s been burning deep inside of me for quite some time now (and no, it’s not just the kidney stones, either) and I need an answer. I need one. Why do photographers feel the compulsion to Photoshop such hellacity into each and every one of the Kardashians’ faces? Putting all biases aside, they’re pretty enough girls. They do alright on their own. Why interfere in that with poorly-done computer-generated imagery when things are just fine the way they are? Because do you see the above ad for the Kardashians’ new lingerie collection at Sears? It’s flat-out awful. Just … bad. Of course, the lingerie is just fine, and even though all three of them are way bustier than they appear to be in real life, the girls’ faces are just too much for me to handle, and not in a warm, fuzzy way. It’s all way too much.

Khloe, though, for one? Well, she loves the way the photo looks. On Twitter she said, “OMG how fab is this new ad for Kardashian Kollection lingerie?!? Nothing makes me feel sexier, plus it’s all so comfy! Killing two birds with one stone! LOL.” Comfy? Lingerie is comfy? In what parallel universe is lingerie comfy? See, when I think ‘comfy,’ I think ‘granny flannel’ and ‘argyle knee socks’. ‘Yoga pants’ and ‘camisoles’. Definitely not abrasive lace that always rubs your cracks and crevices the wrong way, padded underwires that poke and prod and bruise ribs, or thigh-highs that don’t want to stay up on their own. But yeah. ‘Comfy’, right?

Incidentally, the shoot was done by Annie Leibovitz, whose work becomes more and more questionable as the days go by. Also, what’s with the spray-tanner, and why is it so heavily concentrated on their faces? Is someone trying to send a message here?

The ladies may be quite pretty, and everyone likes lingerie (though let’s not fool ourselves with words like ‘comfy’ here), but this ad? It’s just complete crap, much like the quality of lingerie sold at Sears probably is anyway.

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  • Khloe’s face is unrecognizable, Kim’s waist is way too small…and what the hell is up with Khloe’s right arm (the one on our left)? It looks like it’s coming out of her neck! I mean, the angle would make sense if there were some space that accounted for her shoulder, but there doesn’t seem to be…totally weird.

  • As a seasoned viewer of America’s Next Top Model, I believe Tyra would say that Khloe “took command” of this photo. She looks the best by far. She’s engaging you, even though she’s the most covered, she looks the sexiest. Kim looks like she’s trying to stand out too much by walking out of the black frame in the back, but it just looks like she’s disengaged. Kourtney is photographing older than she is.

  • I don’t know, maybe is the same parallel universe in which Sarah doesn’t mention “yoga pants” every 4.3 posts

  • how the hell is kourtney looking like the thickest in the middle here?? it’s like they went backwards from reality, where somehow khloe has the smallest upper waist. no wonder she loves this picture.

  • ok, so if this is suppose to be appealing to the average woman, why in the heck is it so photoshopped? Yes, Khloe looks the best by far, but she’s not recognizable. Kim’s photoshopping is by far the most obvious because of that tiny little waist she supposedly has but had to be fixed so it matched the vision in her self-absorbed mind. Poor Kourtney looks like she wishes she was anywhere but there. And isn’t she pregnant? Either way, the pic is anything but appealing to women and will probably be redone!