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Here’s Another Trailer for That Adrien Brody Movie, ‘Detachment’

Do you guys know the pleasure I get from categorizing a post here under ‘Adrien Brody‘? It makes my day. Seriously. Knowing that the object of my celebrity obsession is present and active on the site. It’s a good feeling, friends, and I am all about the warm fuzzies, in case you didn’t catch onto that quicker.

The trailer here is red band for language (the f-bomb is dropped several times), but it doesn’t really matter. Adrien’s not in it, even though he’s there by association, since it’s technically his movie. No, the man in the video is James Caan, schooling some little hood on being lyrical and creative with his threats.

IMDB says the films is about ” … a substitute teacher [Adrien Brody] who drifts from classroom to classroom finds a connection to the students and teachers during his latest assignment.”

Other big names in the film include Lucy Liu, Christina Hendricks, Marcia Gay Harden, and William Petersen. James Caan is also in the movie, and is apparently instrumental in smacking down some stupid little school-aged punk, so the above scene only makes the movie more appealing.

I mean, honestly, I’d see it one way or the other. It’s got Adrien Brody in it, ffs. James Caan verbally knocking the shit out of some young little troll is just a bonus, you know?