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Kylie Jenner’s Family Is “Worried” About Who She’s Hanging Out With These Days

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Kylie Jenner is only 17, but she lives like a grown ass adult. She’s got an SUV of her own, a mansion of her own, an adult boyfriend of her own, and she doesn’t need any supervision. Well, she actually does NEED it, she just doesn’t have it. However, it seems like her recent escapades of being “high as fuck” on Snapchat have managed to shake some sense into her family, because they’re all said to be “worried” about her lifestyle and the people she’s spending time with these days.

From People:

According to a Kylie pal, her family doesn’t think she’s “out of control,” but “a few are worried” about her boyfriend Tyga’s influence on her. 

“A lot of Tyga’s friends are enablers,” the friend says. “That makes her mom the most nervous. She doesn’t want Kylie getting off track.” 

The 25-year-old rapper has been romantically linked to Kylie since September, and the two have kept their relationship “under wraps as much as possible for obvious reasons,” the friend says. “Her parents know she is going to date who she wants, but they are worried he will have a negative impact on her decision-making.” 

“She’s become a perfectionist because she feels like she needs to be just as sexy as her other siblings, specifically Kendall and Khloé,” the pal says. “She doesn’t feel inadequate next to them, but she’s willing to do whatever she can to herself to make her feel like she’s looked at by the public in the same way.” 

Kylie, who plans to move out into her own Calabasas mansion “the second” she turns 18, “is obsessed with the attention and knows that acting a little scandalous here and there will keep her in the spotlight,” the friend says.

This is what’s wrong with that entire family. Kylie is desperate to be looked at in the same way as Kim, but… no one respects Kim Kardashian. I’ve never met a single person who says anything positive about Kim that isn’t about the size of her ass, her boobs, or anything to do with her appearance. No one’s saying, “Wow, what an intelligent, perceptive and interesting human being!” when they talk about her or anyone in that family. That’s not something to aspire to, frankly, Kylie is 17 and should be in high school, getting an education so that when the public she’s busy pandering to finally gets tired of her try-hard family, she’s got something REAL to fall back on.

I’m not saying the girls can’t be proud of their appearances, or to use them to get further ahead in an industry where frankly looks are what matters. I’m saying that it’s a problem when there’s literally nothing else beneath that. If you’ve ever seen Kylie Jenner in moving/speaking form, you know she’s a living example of why “No Child Left Behind” was formed (and failed).

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  • The KTrash have no perceptions of reality. They are all narcissists who think the rest of the world loves them as much as they love themselves.

  • Yeah sure right.. a bit too late to close the stable door once their cash horse has bolted..

  • really??? NOW they are worried??? she has had ZERO parenting and NOW they are “worried”?? wear that shit…this is what YOU created.

    • Yep one has to pay for all that and it seems, Since she can not be the top model, she Will be the one sacrificed.
      Wanna bet ? Here !

  • oh, and a p.s. on that….Kris is afraid Kylie is “getting off track”… what does that MEAN? she dropped out of high school, she doesn’t have a job, eventually this show will be canceled… how was she ever ON track??

  • I think that kylie is going to be pregant and have half white and black kids and divorce and die of drugs