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Does Kylie Jenner Get “High As F*ck”?

kylie jenner

Everyone started bugging out yesterday over a Snapchat video Kylie Jenner posted on her account that totally featured her saying “I’m high as fuck” before biting into some piece of delicious food. ESCANDALO! Because, you know, it’s so hard to imagine that a 17-year-old child who’s been dating a grown ass man for the past year who also happens to be a rapper and clearly smokes plenty of weed himself, would be getting high. Also, because she’s a teenager, and none of us EVER experimented with drugs or alcohol at that age.

Raise your hand if this surprises you. No one? That’s what I thought. I think the most important question here is, what is she eating? If it’s that good, I need to get on that.

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  • Please. 17 is not a child. It might not technically be an adult according to US law but it’s not a child either. In fact in almost all of the rest of the world she’s over the age of consent, therefore, adult. If this was here in the UK no one could care less. It’s not like she’s 13 and dating a 20 something year old dude. Plenty 17 year olds all over the place are dating older guys, she just happens to have a famous name. Famous for nothing, sure, but famous all the same.