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Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘black book’ of contacts going to auction

This is way creepy. Jeffrey Epstein… the perv pedo who flew celebrities and dignitaries to his island of horrors kept a little black book of contacts that will soon be auctioned to whatever freak wants a momento of this kind.

The auctioneers, Alexander Historical Auctions, have announced there are previously unknown contacts among the book’s 400 entries — but it’s important to note that the book up for auction is not the same as the infamous 2004 book currently in the hands of the FBI.

According to the Daily Beast, which first broke the story, the second black book is believed to be from 1997 and was reportedly found on Fifth Avenue in New York City’s East Village by a female musician in the 1990s.

It will go up for sale May 15 and include a forensic examiner’s report verifying its authenticity. Bidders are being assured that their identities will be kept secret.

“There are no comparables for the sale of this kind of relic. But, based on my experience, if I’m pressed to offer a price I would think it would be US$100,000 to $200,000, and up,” Bill Panagopulos, owner of the auction house, told Daily Beast.

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