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Justin Bieber Got Kicked Out of Another Club, Won’t Stop Drinking

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Justin Bieber is about 19, I think (too lazy/don’t care enough to look it up). What I do know is he’s not of legal drinking age in the US and yet… he won’t stop drinking. Because he’s famous, he thinks he’s above the law and most of the time, he sort of is – most clubs won’t turn his punk ass away. However, a Chicago club got in trouble this week when police cited the venue for serving Bieber booze and also kicked him the curb along with his entourage.

From TMZ:

It all went down Tuesday night at Bodi nightclub in Chi-town. We’ve learned … cops entered the joint after being tipped off that Bieber and his crew were inside the 21+ establishment — and allegedly boozing.

We’ve learned … officials questioned nightclub employees and determined Bieber was, in fact, served alcohol in the club.

Bieber was immediately kicked out of the place and cops delivered a citation to the club honchos for: “Serve/allow person under 21 on premises w/o parent/guardian.”

The citation specifically refers to Justin Bieber and his “entourage.”

A rep for the Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection tells TMZ, “The ticket was issued by the police to Bodi Nightclub for admitting and knowingly having underage persons in the establishment.”

The rep adds, “Typically the fine for a ticket like this would be $1,000.00, but the fine is not determined until the case is heard by a hearing officer and if the establishment is found liable for the violation.”

Blah blah blah. There’s a court hearing scheduled for the near future but Bieber won’t have to be there. Oh, and Bodi management have since claimed that Justin was just there to support a friend and wasn’t given any alcohol. Yeah, okay.

“On Tuesday night, Justin Bieber made a brief appearance at Bodi to support his close friend, DJ Tay James, who was performing at Bodi that evening.”Bodi continues, “Justin was not served any alcoholic beverages while at Bodi” … adding, “Neither Justin nor anyone affiliated with Bodi broke any laws.””We believe this matter amounts to a simple misunderstanding with local police officers. We have requested a meeting with Chicago’s local liquor control commissioner and look forward to resolving the situation quickly.”

Why don’t people just sent Justin away? He’s not only underage, he’s an absolute asshole and you don’t really want your venue associated with some little wannabe thug. I really just don’t get it. Especially when we know he can’t hold his alcohol.

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  • WHY does this little elvis tool ALWAYS make that STUPID face in EVERY FUCKING PHOTO?!?!?! seriously!!