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Azealia Banks and Lily Allen Are In a Twitter War Now, I Guess

Lily Allen Azealia Banks

In what has to be the weirdest, most pointless Twitter rivalry ever, known troublemaker Azealia Banks has started a “beef” (hate that expression) with known doesn’t-give-a-fuck-er Lily Allen over… ugly kids? Husbands that look like thumbs? I mean, it’s just sorta silly. I was gonna be all, “Here’s how it went down!” but.. I kinda just told you. Azealia said something on Twitter about how when she met Lily Allen once, she seemed all “coked up” and that her husband looked like a thumb? So Lily retaliated, calling her a one-hit wonder (which is kinda true, actually, since ‘212’ received commercial success but homegirl’s been riding that wave for almost 2 years now). Then Azealia called her kids ugly and none of it makes any sense!!! I don’t understand! What is the point of this?

Lily was also spot on when she pointed out that Azealia must have a song coming out – which she does, with Pharrell (that’s mostly him whisper-singing and her doing a tiny bit of rapping… not very good) – and basically ended the whole to-do like so:

Lily also referred to Azealia as “Amanda” – as in, she of the crazy “ugly” tweets. I used to really love Azealia and a lot of her old tracks are great, but she’s literally spending so much time TRYING to be an icon that she’s missing out on the actual work that it takes – like, you know, great music. Plus, it’s just really, really corny to call someone “ugly” as an insult. Are you in 4th grade?

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  • I’m growing bored of Azealia, she had some great tweets about racism and stuff but then she just started getting into twitter fights and yawn.

  • Amazing concert of Azaelia last night, at the Musilac Festival!
    So lively onstage! Very fit and enthusiastic.
    I LOVED that gig.
    Can’t wait to here more from her!