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WTF Of The Day: Justin Bieber Pees Into Bucket, Shouts “F-ck Bill Clinton!”

justin bieber bodyguard lol

Justin Bieber is f-cking awful in every way. Let’s be honest. He’s egotistical, immature, and his music isn’t even good enough for him to act this way. This kid is just the worst. This is usually what happens when you don’t go to school and you have too much money.

His latest asshattery is just gross. Bieber and friends, clearly drunk out of their stupid gourds, took video of themselves running around in a restaurant kitchen somewhere when Bieber decided, right then and there, that he had to pee. So he pees in a bucket. Right in the kitchen. His friends think it’s hilarious. Then, leaving his f-cking urine for someone else to deal with, they run out of the kitchen, Bieber grabs a spray bottle or something (cleaning fluid?) and sprays it on a framed photo of Bill Clinton, shouting, “F-ck Bill Clinton!”

F-ck this kid. F-ck this kid and everything about him.

TMZ posted the 43 second video.

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