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Miley Cyrus Sang ‘Jolene’ in Her Backyard Some Time Ago

It was obviously awhile ago (last year, to be specific), because she’s got hair and isn’t singing about just how much bitches actually love cake with dubstep artists, thinking that she, herself, is one punk-ass bitch, and how she’d obviously know about that cake thing*.

Nope, this is the Miley of days gone by, and quite honestly, I’ve had enough of all these big-booty-ho ass-grabbing-type stunts that she’s pulling lately, and think she needs a decent return to her … well, roots I guess would be a bad way to put it, because gosh, I don’t even know what kind of roots we’d really be talking about, but Miley needs to just chill the f-ck out and do stuff like this ^^ more often, because it’s kind of a beautiful thing.

*She definitely, definitely knows about that cake thing.

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  • I kinda like her singing this song. Is it just me or does it look like she had no boobs whatsoever when this video was taped (just last summer)? I’m starting to believe she did get a boob job since then.

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