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Miley Cyrus Has Crotch Critters

photo of miley cyrus grabbing her crotch performance pictures
So, OK. Miley can sing I suppose, but all of this tit-grabbing, crotch-grinding, short-hair-wearing Miley Cyrus-ness is just not working out all that well for me.

This is what Miley wore to last night’s VH1 Divas concert in L.A., and as you can see, she looks a whole lot like Billy Idol, and hey. Surprise, surprise, she ripped off a cover of ‘Rebel Yell’.

Here’s some video from the performance:

And I’m sorry. I don’t care how many rabid women you put in cages, or how many epileptic fits your dancers have in the strobe lights, it does not make you punk, Miley. I’m so, so sorry for having to disappoint you so early on a Monday morning. I’m sorry, girl.

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