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Jessica Simpson is Pregnant on the Beach

photo of jessica simpson on the beach new pregnancy pictures
This is Jessica on her recent holiday trip to Hawaii, and she looks so great and so happy. As you guys probably already know, Jessica is expecting her second child, and if her mini-bump is any indication as to when we can expect the newest little Simpson Johnson (ha), it’s probably going to be right around the time that Jess gave birth to Baby Maxwell last year, which was May-ish, I believe.

I know I might be in the minority (especially since I have no affiliation with Weight Watchers), but I’m pretty stoked for Jessica and Eric. They were positively over the moon about Maxwell, and any further addition to their family, I’m sure, is only going to be welcomed with the same gusto and love that they apparently have for raising that adorable little Maxi.

Congratulations, friends!

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