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Just What You’ve Always Wanted: A Lady Gaga Movie

A photo of Lady Gaga

Over the summer, I went to see Katy Perry‘s concert movie to make fun of it, but I ended up actually liking it. I ended up getting it as a Christmas gift, I liked it so much. Based on that, I plan on seeing Taylor Swift‘s very, very soon, and Justin Bieber‘s. And now, I guess, Lady Gaga‘s.

Except here’s the gross part: Terry Richardson is in charge of making the movie. EW. If I wanted to watch something that that sleazeball made … I would never want to watch something that sleazeball made. This movie, which Gaga said was going to be “documenting my life, the creation of ARTPOP + you!” ARTPOP is her upcoming album, which is neat, I guess, but when it comes to Terry Richardson documenting her life, I feel like we’re just going to get a bunch of artsy shots of Lady Gaga pooping and Lady Gaga walking awkwardly in her 14 inch heels and Lady Gaga being pretentious and empowering and dumb at exactly the same time. And that might be good for some of you, but I just don’t know how good it will be for me.

ARTPOP, the album, is set to be released in the spring, so I imagine the documentary won’t be too far behind. Keep an eye out, friends. Or don’t, if you don’t want to see Lady Gaga pooping. The choice is yours.

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