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2012 in Review: The Most Drastic Hairstyle Changes of the Year

#5 – Kate Middleton
photo of kate middleton hair pictures before and after
Now, see, I just didn’t quite get the huge deal that some people did when it came to Kate Middleton f-cking feathering the front of her hair or whatever she did, but according to a lot of people, it was “shocking.” More shocking, at least, according to me? That the Royal Family didn’t file a civil suit against that stupid Australian radio station who pranked her hospital room, resulting in the suicide of a nurse. But I guess that’s probably a debate for another day, huh?

#4 – Lana Del Rey
photo of lana del rey before and after photos pictures hair pic
Lana Del Rey! Gosh, she looks so great in the after picture, right? Way, way better than the obviously-fake ginger thing she had going on, anyway. Plus, she looks so much better with bangs. It really covers up all of the cosmetic surgery scars that she doesn’t have. But hey. She could be wiping herself on your curtains again. We probably shouldn’t complain too much.

#3 – Charlize Theron
photo of charlize theron pictures hair before and after pic
This one’s probably my favorite hair transformation, and not even because it’s like, “Wow, Charlize Theron has a great-shaped … head, or whatever.” No, it’s because Charlize Theron has some iron-clad balls to go ahead and say, “Eff what you think, I’m going to do this and for whatever reason I’m doing it, it’s neither your business or your place to judge.” That, my friends, makes it all the more attractive (Charlize also does have a great-shaped head).

#2 – Anne Hathaway
photo of anne hathaway before and after hair pictures
I know—Anne Hathaway cut away all of her identity when she chopped off her hair for ‘Les Miserables’, and guess what: even without her “identity,” she’s still not all that likable. Bonus points for pulling off way short hair, though.

#1 – Miley Cyrus
photo of miley cyrus hair before and after pictures
In probably the most shocking hair transformation of 2012, we have Miley Cyrus. And oh gosh, what a hot mess this turned out to be. In the photo on the left, Miley looked so hot, and in the photo on the right … well, not so much. This is definitely a case of just letting those dang ol’ sleeping dogs lie. Ahem.

Who made your favorite big hair change of the year—and who was the worst?

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  • Kate Middleton’s newer haircut has aged her about 10 years… and I hope you were being sarcastic about Lana dR because that second picture is absolutely awful. Yeuch.

    Loving the other 3 though.

  • Lana del Rey looks like a Love Doll — even more with that new ‘do. The only difference is that a guy would probably get more action from the Love Doll.

  • I agree that Kate Middleton’s new due aged her. It is way to Farrah Fawcet for my taste.

    Lana Del Rey, you can’t be serious in thinking that that dreadful fringe is better than the ginger hair. My god, the fringe looks like a hair piece. Awful.

    Charlize Theron is just plain and simple a beautiful woman. I can’t say that I like the buzz cut on her though. When it grows in a bit and she can style it, it will be super cute.

    Don’t care much for Anne Hathaway, but she rocks the short hair.

    Miley is what 19 or 20. She absolutely should be having fun with her hair. I love the short do on her, and the blond is the just right shade.

  • the only one who looks good is charlize and even so it isnt that much of an upgrade
    the worse one is anne hathaway and of course miley with her billy idol hair( that is hot on billy idol of course but not on her)

  • You think someone should sue the radio station that prank called the hospital because the nurse decided to *commit suicide* over a *prank call*? I think that’s ridiculous. It’s terrible what happened, but that nurse *chose* to end her own life, and for a pretty stupid reason, in my opinion.

    • I agree. Not to mention the nurse had major depression for a long time. She tried to jump out a window and od last year. Sad to say that it was just a matter of time.

  • Actually I like Miley’s new hair (runs and hides) – I can’t explain it, and don’t particularly care for her, but for some inexplicable reason do like it…