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Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey Is Selling As Good As Beyoncé


Lana Del Rey isn’t going away, and I’m really happy about that. In fact, she’s roaring back with a vengeance. Her album, Ultraviolence, is number one on the Billboard 200 chart. And she’s breaking all kinds of records. From Billboard:

Singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey captures her first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200, as “Ultraviolence” bows atop the list. The album, which was released June 17, sold 182,000 in the week ending June 22, according to Nielsen SoundScan — her best sales week yet.

Del Rey’s arrival is the largest sales week for a female artist since the week ending Dec. 29, 2013, when Beyonce‘s self-titled album sold 310,000 in its third week on the chart.

[...] Notably, “Ultraviolence” captures the No. 1 slot even though Del Rey hasn’t performed on American TV in more than two years.

She has her share of controversy; most recently her comments on Twitter about wanting to die irritated Frances Bean Cobain. She’s since defended her comments, tweeting, “I liked (Kurt) because he was talented not because he died young.”

Ms. Del Rey beat out  Sam Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Deadmau5, Linkin Park and Willie Nelson in the charts.

What do you think of the album? Give it a listen:

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Frances Bean Cobain has words for Lana Del Rey’s melodramatic ass

frances bean cobain

A lot of people probably expected Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of Courtney Love and the late Kurt Cobain, to end up fucked up like her parents. Surprisingly, that hasn’t happened, and she seems to have a pretty good head on her shoulders and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Case in point? She’s sorta sick of Lana Del Rey’s melodramatic bullshit about wanting to be dead and thinks she needs to take a serious dose of STFU with all this “I wish I was dead” crap she’s been spewing lately and her obsession with death throughout her music.

frances bean

I mean, obviously Frances is going to react to shit like this more given what she’s gone through in her life. That being said, I agree with her. There seems to be this whole hipster movement over the past five years or so in which it seems dreamy and artistic to be morbidly obsessed with death and oblivion and to use that obsession to sorta drift out into the ether and be an asshole. It’s corny as shit, and Lana Del Rey is queen of that movement.

Frances Bean Cobain is totally underrated, I gotta say. I love the fact that someone who could be getting a shit ton of press by virtue of who she is just shuns that and lives her life like a normal human being. Love her… and those fierce eyebrows.

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Lana Del Rey is not a caricature

lana del rey

Lana Del Rey is kinda nuts, to the point where people are wondering if this whole thing is not just Elizabeth Grant (her real name) playing a character called Lana Del Rey. Not so, says Lana – she’s who she’s meant to be and she doesn’t do anything with anyone else in mind.

From NPR:

Not everybody has thought it’s a good idea to have lines like “He hit me and it felt a kiss.”

Definitely. But that’s been the theme of my career. The thing about me is, coming from an alternative music background and singing for nine years, being basically invisible, I’m so used to writing for myself — and at the end of the day, I do it because I feel like I have to. So when I’m recording or writing, I don’t have other people in mind. It’s not always comfortable for me, but I don’t not say what I want to.

Is Lana Del Rey a character played by Elizabeth Grant?

No. Lana Del Rey is exactly who she’s supposed to be: Free enough to be her own person, and that’s exactly who I am. I’m not like a persona. I’m not a caricature of myself.

She spends time in the interview discussing her thoughts on “surrendering” to men, as well (it’s an idea she’s “not uncomfortable” with), which is interesting but seems a bit like bullshit to me.

I don’t know – I listened to Ultraviolence… or shall I say, I tried to listen to Ultraviolence and then nearly fell asleep by the end of the first song. It’s all just TOO maudlin for me, too over-the-top. I could tolerate the first album and even liked a lot of it, but I’ve heard enough about California, booze, pick-up trucks, lipstick and blue jeans to last me a lifetime. Is it a grower?