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Lana Del Rey Wipes Herself for GQ

photo of lana del rey pictures gq magazine pic
Before I even show you the picture in question, can someone tell me how flat-out awful the term “wiping” is when it comes to bathroom practices? Because that’s just gross. My four-year-old is in the process of finishing her learning-to-wipe experience and occasionally, I’ll get a “Mommy! Can you check to see how well I wiped?” and even though I’ve been doing it for years, and prior to that, changed her diapers with my own two hands, I still get grossed out by the term “wipe.” Because ew.

And anyway, this is Lana Del Rey, and apparently, GQ thought it’d be all hot and stuff to show Lana Del Rey wiping her gitch with a gauzy curtain. Without further ado, this is Lana Del Rey. Wiping her gitch. With a gauzy curtain:

photo of lana del rey wiping herself on gq pictures
Gross, right? It doesn’t even look like she’s engaging in faux masturbation or anything, it just looks like she’s got to pee. Or peed. Or has a mad case of vaginal bacteriosis (if that’s a thing).


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