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Lindsay Lohan Talks Love, Liz Taylor, And How Nothing Is Ever Her Fault, Not Ever

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This new interview is just classic Lindsay. Like, if we had an Evil Beet puppet show and I got to play Lindsay (I would give Sarah Britney Spears and Paris Hilton for Lindsay, but we’d probably have to arm wrestle for Courtney Stodden), I would say all of the things Lindsay says in this interview. It’s so “not my fault!” it’s insane. It’s wonderful.

So let’s just jump on in, all right?

On Liz Taylor and love: “I can only imagine what it would be like to have the kind of love that she and Richard Burton had. It’s such a wonderful thing. It’s so heartbreaking. Love is scary and I’m yet to find that one person. I relate to the fact that Elizabeth Taylor once said, ‘I love being in love.’ I do, too. I love being in love. There’s nothing better than that first feeling of being in love, so I look forward to having that at some point. Yes, I’ve been in love with people – maybe one or two – but I haven’t really had a true love yet.”

But Lindsay, you have had a true love.  His name was meth.  You loved him dearly, but he didn’t call you back.  True love doesn’t always last, it’s ok.

More on Elizabeth Taylor: “I fought to get the role in Liz and Dick because I related to her so much because of her position in the public eye and the media obsession with her, and the ups and downs in her relationships and life. And that’s aside from her love for diamonds! We’re both strong-willed and Elizabeth and her mother had a similar bond to the one I have with my mother. I learned from Liz that it’s OK to be in love and have heartache. She and Burton loved each other so much it was scary.”

Yeah, we know, Linds.  You’re so much like Elizabeth Taylor, it’s scary.  We’ve been over this.  The similarities are so strong.  Also, LOL, DIAMONDS, LOL.

On getting respect: “I love acting and that’s what I started out doing and it’s unfortunate that people began to know me as a celebrity rather than an actress. I can only hope to gain respect back through my work. I care what people think but I am who I am and it’s unfortunate that some of the things that are meant to be kept private have been exposed and if I had the choice I wouldn’t have had it that way. I’ve drawn from experiences and from things I’ve seen and grown up with and I don’t want to go back.”

Blah blah, mistakes, blah blah, serious actress.  Blah.

On how nothing is her fault ever: “When you’re filming, you’re part of a family and then when it stops you’re left alone with nothing and it gets lonely and depressing and sad. I was being hounded a lot and didn’t know what to do and didn’t want to listen to anyone. At the age when I would have been in college I was in Los Angeles living by myself and I didn’t have the best people with the best intentions around me. It’s hard for me to say ‘no’ to someone I love and I really don’t like to notice the bad in people and I’ve had to work on that because not everyone has your best interests at heart. When you reach a certain point of fame, people are willing to do whatever you ask them to do and are afraid to say no. That has a lot to do with living in excess and if you don’t have the right people around you then you’re never going to learn when to stop.”

Hey, Lindsay, can we discuss the concept of taking responsibility for your own actions?  I think we should discuss it.  I think it might really help you open yourself up to the world of reality.

On filming: “I said to everyone I was working with, ‘Just keep me on set’ because that’s where I’m happiest and I lost that feeling for a while. Now I have it back I don’t want to give it up. I just want to keep making films. That’s my focus. I know that I’m a really good actress and I know I’ve had my faults. But knowing that and knowing that I love what I do has kept me going.”

That last one actually makes me kind of sad. It’s sad, isn’t it? I don’t think it’s hard to believe that she doesn’t find happiness in many things, and if she’s happy on set, then that’s good for her. But the part about being a “really good actress”? Oh, honey. No.

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