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Now Rihanna Is Getting Breast Implants for Chris Brown

A photo of Rihanna

Man, being Chris Brown‘s girlfriend seems like way, way too much work. I mean, there’s the obvious drawback, but then there’s the cheating, the lying, the mental abuse, and the general douchebaggery. Is his penis worth it? No, really, we’ve all seen it by now: is it worth it?

Apparently he’s got something going for him* though, because we can go ahead and add surgery and body image issues to the list of things that come along with being Chris Brown’s girl. We can do that because there are new reports that poor Rihanna, who has a killer body, is considering getting breast implants because Chris thought it would be a good idea.

From the Enquirer via Celebitchy:

Rihanna wants to boost her bust – because, according to a source, Chris Brown said she’d be “totally hot” with bigger boob! Rihanna is not out shopping for a plastic surgeon who will pump her up “at least one bra size,” a friend of Rihanna’s tells the Enquirer.

“It’s horrifying seeing how much control Chris still has over her,” said the friend. “It’s like she’s hypnotized.”

Friends are concerned that Rihanna’s fixation with Chris has now spiraled out of control. Although she has publicly joked in the past about having “no boobs,” she never seriously considered going under knife – until now.

“Rihanna’s always been insecure about her cleavage,” revealed the friend, “but Chris’s comment has spurred her on to really do something about it. Rihanna can’t help herself. What she really wants is something she can’t have – a committed relationship with Chris.”

A “friend” of Rihanna’s also said that if she and Chris eloped, “no one close to them would be a bit shocked.”  Oh, and also “she would have never left him if the media scrutiny didn’t get so bad.”

Great ideas!  Great ideas all around!  Let’s just close up shop here, friends, because there are no better ideas to be had in all the world. Somebody better travel to some far off land to check and see if they have any better ideas, because we’ve obviously topped ourselves on this planet.

*Manipulation. It’s manipulation.

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  • ::ahem:: the quote clearly says that she’s NOT out looking for a plastic surgeon to do this. So, really, it seems like you’re making a mountain out of a molehill. =) Ah, the power of a typo…

  • I think it’s supposed to say “now” instead of “not.” Considering it also says “boob” instead of “boobs” I’d say someone either made a typing error or the source is unreliable based on poor grammar.

      • What’s wrong with YOU? Do you know who we’re talking about here? The world would be better off with less people lie Rihanna in it. There are plenty of people out there who deserve sympathy and she’s really not one of them. She’s not talented and she’s not a nice person. If you knew how she treated her friends and the people she works with you wouldnt be defending her.

      • Sorry if I gave the impression I care about Rihanna, or your opinion for that matter. I don’t care about any of those. Rihanna doesn’t have any talents, and you go around defending people who say they wish someone gets murdered to the hands of their abuser. So yeah, what were you saying about nice people?

    • Screw her at this point. Honestly. There are all kinds of real victims in the world to cry over, she’s crossed the line to ‘bringing it on herself’ a looooong time ago. Better he fucks her up than another, as yet unruined person.

  • i know people who know people… and i have heard some terrible things about this girl. maybe theres more to the chris brown story than meets the eye. maybe theres a reason why shes the only girl hes ever beaten the fuck out of. i not defending him because theyre both disgusting people, but lets be real now.

  • HOW DID SHE GET FAMOUS? She can’t sing, doesn’t write her own songs, and her songs aren’t even GOOD. WTFFF

  • Perhaps C.B. thinks that if Rhiana gets implants, she’ll make a real cool explosion the next time he belts her.

  • Checkitout, go ahead and say she’s talentless, she deserves what she gets or whatever. The bottom line is that she still has that amazing back-doe and she still comes by for me to Tap that Ass!

  • Rhinna why mess up ur body for a man don’t do that for chris brown the man who beat u and i’m ten in a half and i know not to ruin my body for no man get ur mind right child but just to let you know i’m not trying to be mean because i love you ur like my roll model but, not any more just dont ruin ur body please i dont want talking about u on t.v. please dont hurt ur body are anything plessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i’m begging u just to let u know i’m ur #1 fan and please send me something back at (504)-222-9989 or 3131 audubon st. new orleans la. Justiss Robertson please love u