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Chris Brown Will “Try to Be Faithful” to Rihanna

A photo of Chris Brown and Rihanna

What a charmer, huh? Chris Brown will try to be faithful to you, and he probably won’t even beat you too much maybe! No promises though. You can’t tie down a man like Chris Brown.

From Hollywood Life:

Chris Brown is telling friends that he will “TRY to be faithful” to Rihanna, his now on-again girlfriend, since the R&B star split with girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, on October 4.

“He will try to be faithful to Ri, as faithful as he can to her,” a source exclusively reveals to “He ain’t trying to hurt her feelings. He ain’t trying to get her all twisted up.”

Earlier this month, Chris and Rihanna had a week long NYC rendezvous while Karrueche was in also in town.  And, while the rapper technically cheated on Karrueche, his friends say that won’t be the case with the Rihanna.

“He will do his best. I mean, he’s a man at heart and it’s hard for him to turn down women when they come to him so freely,” our source reveals.  “But he did drop KT for Ri and told Ri he loves her so what that tell you? He know she right for him.”

As previously reported, now that Chris has officially broken up with Karrueche, he has more than enough time to talk to Rihanna, and he’s making her his number one priority.

“Ri and Chris talk every day,” a source exclusively reveals to “She be missing him like crazy [but] now that they back together she want to see him all the time. Guess those years away made her miss him real tough.”

F-ck Chris Brown and f-ck this guy, too. If Chris really was “a man at heart,” he would never have done half the shit he’s done. Chris Brown’s buddy is implying that Chris is a mature, respectable adult, and I think we all know how absurd that idea is. He’ll “try to be faithful,” f-ck you.

Sorry for all the cusses, friends, but this whole thing is just so off-putting to me. And probably to everyone. Everyone except Rihanna.

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  • Chris Brown is a piece of shit. He beat her like she was a fucking animal. There is no “whoops, I’m sorry, got out of control” for that. If you are capable of doing that to someone, there is something wrong in your brain. And sorry Rihanna, if you go back to someone who treated you that way, there is something wrong in YOUR brain, too. She needs therapy and he needs a bullet between the eyes.

  • I hope between tweeting nude and half nude pics of herself she had the good sence to take a self defence course. She’s gonna need it.

  • Well simply…people do things and people make mistakes…….we will all know wen u hear bout their marriage if they ever get married……
    n whose business of ours to be in anyway! :\

  • Who really knows the outcome of this thing but seriously aren’t you, Chris’ and Riri’s, fans TIRED of all these sad songs about how their sorry and blah blah blah. Frankly I think they are perfect for each other :-D