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Chris Brown Wonders if it’s Possible to Love Two People, Because Duh, He Does

The video is called ‘The Real Chris Brown’, because apparently the REAL Chris Brown isn’t summed up by woman-beating, cheating on an impressionable girl with your ex-girlfriend (whom you beat), engaging in glass-throwing at clubs—which results in many people being injured—and a general poor disposition, bad attitude, and unparalleled temper. Nope, the real Chris Brown is just a crazy, fun-loving man with so much love to give that he went and loved two ladies because that’s what you do when you’re a crazy, fun-loving man with so much love to give.

Also, I just love how this “CANDID” new vivdeo came out just in time for Chris and Karreuche’s breakup. That’s great timing right there.

Meanwhile, this is what Karreuche‘s been saying on Twitter:

Wtf is going on?

All I’m saying is.. You don’t mess with people’s genuine feelings. You just don’t!

Life moves on.. So let’s all.

Doesn’t exactly sound like the breakup was a two-way decision, if you ask me, and quite honestly, it sounds like it sort of came out of the blue for poor, deluded Karreuche.