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Blind Item: Chris Brown Is A Bad Boyfriend

A photo of Chris Brown

From CDAN:

This A list R&B singer has always shown he can be and is an a-hole, but even with his past track record this might have brought him to new levels of a-holiness. His now former girlfriend is telling everyone that for the past year she was forced to watch the singer have sex with at least one person a night if she wanted to stay with him. She put up with it because he would pay her and give her gifts and she always thought he loved her. In addition to this demeaning activity, he would also make her have sex with his friends because he was not always up for having sex with her. With other people yes, but not always her. I hope you see where I am going with this. When he couldn’t perform with her he would yell and scream at her and blame her. He tried to not hit her. Most of the time.

You can see why I just went ahead and used Chris Brown‘s picture for this, right? There are tons of rumors going around that Chris just broke up with poor, poor Karrueche and that he’s currently in St. Tropez with Rihanna. Chris’ rep denies all of those rumors, but excuse me if I don’t believe every single thing that a person who chose to promote this guy says.

Also, check out that last bit there, the part where Chris “couldn’t perform with her,” but he made her watch him have sex with other people? Remember those gay rumors? Snap.

As always, if you have any other guesses, feel free to throw them out there! I think I pretty much nailed this one though, so we could talk about how gross Chris Brown is instead.

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  • Can you please stop writing about this guy? It’s upsetting to hear stories like this, and the more he’s in the media the more attention he gets, and the more stuff he sells (no logic, but true). Let’s just pretend he doesn’t exist.

  • Please. She’s just as much a douchebag as he is for putting up with that shit. If it even did really happen like that.

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