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Chris Brown is Using His Songs to Apologize for Being a Woman-Beater Now

Did you hear Chris Brown‘s new *song, and not the one where he talks about f-cking Rihanna because it’s been so long and it still tastes the same or whatever as it used to? It’s called ‘How I Feel’, and before you go on a paragraph-long tirade about how you don’t care ‘how’ Chris ‘feels’, let me tell you, brothers and sisters: I am with you. I don’t give one fainting rat’s ass how Chris Brown feels, and please – let any inkling that might have made you think otherwise quickly drop off the radar because this is me setting you straight.

But this song! This song. I had to bring it to your attention, not only because it’s completely stupid, but because in typical, arrogant Chris Brown fashion, it makes me f-cking blood boil. Take the lyrics for example:

… Nineteen, a n-gga went through a tragedy … Three years, a n-gga just found a better me. Yeah, you might find another lover, but you always started with Breezy like the letter B … I’m gonna keep on living my life from day to day, learn from my mistakes … Ain’t never gonna do a 60 minute interview, ’cause all you want to do is twist my words up.

Ugh. Ugh. The balls. The sheer audacity. I’m glad he’s, you know, tactful enough to call it a ‘tragedy’ and not something douchy and smarmy like ‘misfortune’ or ‘bad luck’ or whatever like he has in the past, because yeah, what a tragedy. A tragedy so bad that people are eating their own words for dinner, because the second part of the lyric is right – “you might find another lover, but you always started with Breezy like the letter B.” OBVIOUSLY the ‘tragedy’ that’s being talked about is the Rihanna ordeal, and after her public displays of Brown-love over the past year has only encouraged his arrogance that yeah, he might have f-cked up, but bitches still be wantin’. I’d bang my head off the desk here if there weren’t already a good-sized dent in my forehead already because of the history.

The only part I can get behind is the ‘never do a 60 minute interview’ and the words being all twisted up, because he’s right. The less he talks about it, the less others (you know, bloggers like myself) will.

Oh, wait. No. That last part’s wrong. I don’t care how much or how little he talks about it. He’s pathetic and I’m always going to remember him as a woman-beater, and not as some brilliant-ass artist that has an emotional problem that he can’t keep in check.

*Also? The music on the track absolutely sucks. Ever play Donkey Kong Country for Super Nintendo? Because the music was totally ripped from the water boards.

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  • Not taking sides but she seems to like mixing it up, domestic violence.. bullying, nitpicking and out of control nagging, demanding he man handle her.. and he was driven to .. get away or shut her up.. whatever.. I think he regrets it.. but should stay away.. YES Stay away from those freaky types of women.