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Kanye Is Embarrassed of Kim, Didn’t Invite Her to Fashion Week

A photo of Kanye West

Hey, what are you doing right now? Like, right this minute? Me, I’m just hanging out, talking to you guys, yawning my face off and trying to fight the urge to take a nap three hours after I woke up. You’re probably at work, or maybe you’re out somewhere checking in on your phone or whatever. Maybe you’re just sitting at home like me. But Kanye West? He’s in Paris, checking out the fashions over there. And his lady love, Kim Kardashian? Well, she’s not in Paris.

A few days ago, I told you about this awful rumor that Kanye was getting tired of Kim. And today, I’m going to tell you again that Kanye is getting tired of Kim. So brace yourselves, because it’s about to get real sad.

See, Kanye, as you probably know, is a fashion designer. Fashion is very, very important to him, and he has to keep himself in the know of all the latest trends. That’s why he’s attending Paris Fashion Week, to gather information (his next show is in March!). But you know what he did? He RSVP’d to a bunch of shows, didn’t ask to bring a guest, and then, a few weeks later, he mentioned to Kim that he was going. Like, “sorry, baby, it’s going to be super packed, I can’t even bring anybody!” But why?

“He didn’t think it was good for his reputation,” says a source. Oh, and “he didn’t want to hurt her feelings.” But also “he’s uncomfortable bringing her” and “wants to be taken seriously.” Ouch.

Ok, but here’s the thing: Kanye’s not even taken seriously, not in the fashion world. I’m sure he thinks he is, but I’m just saying, if that’s his concern, no worries, darling! And the other thing is that Kim is busy filming her new reality show about hanging out in Miami (this show features Kim and Kourtney, who previously had a show together in New York. Kourtney and Khloe had the first show in Miami), so she probably wouldn’t have been able to go anyway. Or I don’t know, could she have gone? I hope not. That’s the only thing that’s making me believe this story isn’t true, and I really don’t want it to be true.

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  • parisians were pointing at them in paris & laughing last time ..
    the french rags’ were calling them bimbos ..
    i doubt he will EVAH be seen with her in europe again ..
    she is a very squat , short-legged overstyled clown ..
    the tottering heels , heavy make-up & too tight clothing along with an azz a few inches off the ground is not considered ‘chic’ by any stretch of the imagination ..
    she needs to stay in her OWN world …
    she is considered a ‘porn’ star outside of it ….
    money can’t buy EVERYTHING …

      • Ain’t that Truf! And my heart grew for Kanye a little bit more after this comment. Hey, I’m just an ordinary bloke, and even I would be embarrassed to be seen with Kim. Or Khloe. Or Kourtney.

    • Did anyone see the episode where Kanye cleaned out Kim’s closet and left her with nothing but his clothing line? LOL! Khloe showed up to check it out and I think it was like 3 of his outfits and everything else was gone. I’ve also read that he loves it when she wears her hair (extensions) totally pulled back in a pony tail that is why this is the only way she wears it now. It seems to me that Kanye has a lot of influence on Kim. I think it would be a good thing that they take a break.

      • Sadly I did see that. I’ve seen every episode. I’m not a drunk or drug addict but after spending a day on the couch watching marathon episodes (unable to get up and get the remote due to a broken leg – so not totally my fault) I’m embarrassed to say yes I did see that. The look of horror on Khloe’s face when Kim was getting rid of everything. It was like it hurt her soul to see it.

  • He is embarrassed by her?! They both fricking’ embarrass me.
    Couple of perverted, values-challenged fruits.

  • I absolutely love the irony that she can’t go to Paris so that he can be “legit,” but JLo’s preschooler got a front row seat at Chanel. Ouch!

  • Getting clowned by a clown. Does he really think that not bringing her will make ppl forget they are together? I honestly don’t know who I find more pathetic him or her both attention seeking celebwhores.

  • I don’t even get how that family is still on TV making new shows if everyone hates them. Literally everyone I know and everyone on the internet strongly dislikes them.. but everytime I go past the E channel that goddamned show is on! How is this even possible? It seems like that’s all E plays now it’s on constantly.. I stopped watching E altogether bc of them. E doesnt even realize how bad for business they are! They losing viewers who are sick of that family.

    • The show is still on because Ryan Seacrest is involved. I do like eir family. Yes they are nuts and a little off..sorry a lot off the wall but they do love each other and generally stick together. I watch the show once in a blue moon. It’s just me and my partner.. All of my family is dead and is treats him like crap so it’s just us. At times I wouldn’t mind being a part of a family liked that.. Maybe not as nuts but…..

  • People must be watching it for the same reasons rubberneckers scope out car accidents or something. If people just stopped watching and bloggers stopped reporting, we could make them go away.. just like those kids from The Hills.. I wish there was a worldwide protest in which everyone participated and then they’d just die off already..

  • But they are soul mates.. getting married.. how can they honeymoon the world on the grand tour of outraged pukefest season whatever ..?

  • Pro black yet sings for white boys and loves a Caucasian*????????? Get a nose job dude. Tell Z to get one too. GROSS!!! Lips are horrendous as well. Girl is a pig slut used p whore ……hope u test day bitch

  • I agree about E losing viewers because of the show. I used to always watch that channel but do not anymore because the show is on 24 hours. It’s over exposure, too much. I do feel there are too many haters. While I don’t care to watch the show I do not feel negative thoughts of them. I think when their time is up, and the fame dows down they will all have major issues becauses of exposing too much of their personal life to the public. The little bit of the show I’ve seen, seems staged but the loss of all privacy will come at a high cost.

  • If he’s too embarrassed to be seen with her in Paris, then I’m curious as to why he isn’t too embarrassed to be her BF. Kim may be a useless twit with a big tuches, but as far as fashion goes, she seems to have superior taste to ‘Ye on any given day! Dude should just stick to what he’s good at – making music…honestly, I don’t know why so many stars need to diversify by taking on business ventures that they’ll only suck at.

  • Ever since he pulled that stunt with Taylor Swift he showed the world his TRUE character! Just because he has tons of money doesn’t make him any better than any person in the world! For the people that go crazy over him and even idolize him, get a F*****G CLUE!!! He’s an IDIOT! He’s human like everyone else! This guy is NOT made out of gold!

    As for him being ashamed of Kim, that’s what you call the JOKE OF THE DAY! He obviously doesn’t owned any mirrors and all that money he has, hasn’t helped his UGLY, MONKEY LOOKING SELF ANY! Kim should be ashamed to be seen with him, she’s beautiful inside & out!
    Beauty is not image wise! Beauty comes within your soul!

    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

    1Corinthians 13:4-7