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Justin Bieber Thinks That He Wrote The Next “Billie Jean”

A photo of Justin Bieber

From the New York Post:

Justin Bieber compares a track from his new album, “Believe,” to the Michael Jackson classic “Billie Jean.” The song “Maria” is Bieber’s response to Mariah Yeater, the woman who falsely accused Bieber of fathering a son with her when he was just 16. Jackson’s 1982 hit follows a similar theme.

“That’s my ‘Billie Jean,’ ” Bieber tells Billboard magazine, out today, about the track. “It was something I wanted to get off my chest, and I could just say it in a song and get my point across without having to worry about the words I’m using in an interview.” The teen heartthrob, who turned 18 in March and is dating Selena Gomez, introduces a more mature sound on “Believe,” working with Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, Drake and Ludacris, and producers Mike Posner, Diplo, Hit-Boy and Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, who also says of the “Maria” track, “To me it comes off as the 2012 version of ‘Billie Jean.’ ”

Basically, no. Justin Bieber did not make “the 2012 version of ‘Billie Jean.'” He just didn’t. I don’t get all of these comparisons of Justin and Michael Jackson, because they’re not warranted. Like, at all. Justin is not even going to come close to having the impact that Michael Jackson had on music and pop culture, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t even really like Michael Jackson all that much. It’s just not logical to think that in 10 years, Justin Bieber will still be a thing. I just don’t buy it.

And another thing! Despite rumors saying otherwise, Michael himself always claimed that “Billie Jean” is a song that “is kind of anonymous” and it “represents a lot of girls,” and that “every girl claimed that their son was related to one of my brothers.” But Justin’s song is definitely, without a doubt about Mariah Yeater, the crazy whose middle finger we all know by heart. Even without the ridiculous claim that this song is the next “Billie Jean,” this whole thing just feels weird and gross, doesn’t it?

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  • I agree, he will never make a lasting artistic impact the way Michael Jackson did. He’s a flash in the pan. I cringe that he even said words likening himself to MJ. Kids these days don’t even understand the concept of humility.
    And yes, thoroughly weird and gross describes him and the whole story.

  • Please, he does not compare himself to MJ in that sentence, he says it’s ‘his Billie Jean’ as in the theme of the song. The media is comparing JB & MJ, I don’t think JB would ever go on public record stating that, it would create a shitstorm.

  • Yeah.. goat pants.. all the rage.. get a pair of genuine studly Pan goat pants man.. don’t let crazy-suing fans whack a pinata with your flute before the time..