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Check It Out! It’s Mariah Yeater’s Mugshot!

Photo: Mariah Yeater's mugshot!

Well, well, well! I logged into the ol’ photo-wire this morning, and imagine my delight to find the sad, cold eyes of one Mariah Yeater staring back at me.

Here’s the accompanying caption (courtesy of Getty):

In this booking photo provided by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Mariah Yeater, 20, poses for her mugshot after being arrrested [sic!] for Battery Domestic Violence, Injury/Destroying Property and Threatening Telephone Calls on December 21, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yeater has filed a paternity lawsuit against singer Justin Bieber.

Why, a booking photo from 11 months ago, you say? I’m no mathemagician, but that’s rrrrrright around the time Justin Bieber‘s alleged baby, Tristyn Yeater, became a twinkle in his mother’s uterus. Yeah, this girl doesn’t seem like a creepy extortionist at all.

Oh, OK, here: according to TMZ, the arrest occurred after Yeater slapped then-boyfriend John Terranova and also, uh, broke a car window. At the time, she believed the child was Terranova’s.

All right, woman. You want fame and notoriety, you got it, I guess.

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  • i hope JB is the dad. that would be so sweet. what does that little gash have so much $ for anyways? he can now do something good with his life and have a reason for making such crap music. he can save a life….