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The Best Michael Jackson Tribute Ever

For our honeymoon a few years back, my husband and I went to the Dominican Republic and vacationed at an oceanfront resort. After checking out a plethora of spots, we’d decided to head there because it looked pretty sweet when we’d checked it out online, but the real clincher was that every night, their performance team did a Michael Jackson tribute show. Yeah, it was the same show every night, but if you were drunk enough, it really didn’t matter. It was entertaining as all hell, and not at all creepy that there were, at any given time, sixteen to twenty “Michael Jacksons” moonwalking around the stage and amphitheater.

This kid, however, completely kills it. And I’m sure – no, as a matter of fact, I’m completely positive – that if he ever decided to apply for an entertainment job at the Excellence Punta Cana resort, he’d be welcomed with open arms and one-gloved hands.