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OMG, New Breaking Dawn Posters!

A photo of Kristen Stewart

This November, the second part of Breaking Dawn will be released. This will be the last Twilight movie ever (probably). We have six months to prepare for it. Is it enough time to get ready to let go?

Really, I don’t have a whole lot to say about these lame ass posters, I just have some ponderings about the movie in general. I’ve been thinking about it a bit lately (welcome to my exciting world, you guys), and I think this is going to be the most interesting film, for me, anyway. Sure, the first part had all the good stuff – the sex, the hilarious pregnancy, and Edward biting through Bella’s womb to get the baby out – but I think this second part will be neat in a different way. For instance, we’ll get to see Jacob fall in love with Bella’s newborn baby girl. That will be super special, won’t it?

Another thing I think will be interesting is Kristen Stewart‘s acting. I’m sure it will be horrible, as that is the precedent she set in the first four films, but I wonder if our opinions will be different this time, now that some of us have found her more likable lately? I don’t really think so. And I know a lot of you will say that it’s not her fault, the scripts are horrible, and that’s true, the scripts are atrocious, but that’s not an excuse. A good actor can find a way to work with a bad script, and there were definitely moments in all the movies where she could have shone, or moments where she could have at least made a bold choice. But she never did, she spent every moment of every movie mumbling and biting her lip and refusing to make eye contact. She gave a boring, flat performance in every movie, and I don’t think this last one will be any different. It’s true that she might be better in her other movies, I’m not sure, I haven’t seen many of them, but that doesn’t make her portrayal of Bella any better. If she’s not a bad actor, then she’s a lazy one.

Regardless, I’m excited for this movie, and I look forward to the next big franchise that I can enjoy for all the wrong reasons. Any clue as to what that might be?

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  • But wait a minute, Isn’t Bella supposed to be that lame and flat female character that only exists if Edward is around? and correct me if I’m wrong, all she did in the book was avoid eye contact, bite her lip, and talk about how clumsy and unattractive she was.

    Good actors can work pass a bad script, but what about a bad character?

    I don’t like her acting but I’d def not judge her for her acting on twilight.

    • You’re right, Bella is totally lame, and saying that she only exists if Edward is around is a really great way to describe her. But in the movies there are so, so many moments where Kristen could have done SOMETHING, you know? Like during intense moments, in New Moon when she went to Italy to save Edward, for instance, she was still flat and boring. That would have been the perfect chance to hop to it and show off some skills, but it never happened. In the books, at least, Bella had some semblance of a personality, but in the movies, I didn’t see any.

      As for the bad script vs. bad character, I have a different story. Once I was in a production of a play that one of my friends wrote, and it was just not good. Not at all. And my character was the absolute worst. I remember having a conversation with him, I was like “does my character have some sort of mental disability? Did she have brain damage as a child? Is she an alien?” I had absolutely no idea what was supposed to be going on, and this is bad direction too, because he was like “just do whatever, just do what you think!” so I just made a choice and stuck with it, and it turned out ok. You just have to make strong choices, and Kristen did have a few of Bella’s characteristics, but it seemed like she was relying on lip biting and clumsiness to define her character, and she could have done so much more work.

      But yeah, I’m going to check out some of her other movies and see what she’s all about when she’s not Bella. Also, Snow White and the Huntsman!

      • You’ve pinpointed the EXACT reason I cannot bear KStew in these films. Agreed, the character is paper thin (as best), but at least there was some semblance of charm in the way she is written in the books. There is no charm in her acting, no spark of life at all. I am starting to like her a little bit more as a person nowadays, but girlfriend just can’t act.

  • I prefer the Breaking Dawn Part 1 posters, at least they were cheesy-funny-romance-novels-like.

  • Maybe you should throw up a spoiler warning for people who haven’t read the books.

    You know, since you spoiled part of it.

    • The last book came out four years ago, and it’s not like it’s some newly discovered series. People have been talking about what happened in the books for literal years. The points that I mentioned have been discussed over and over again, on Evil Beet and elsewhere. Also, I explicitly said that I wanted to talk about the new movie. That should be a tip off to anyone who is concerned about spoilers

      • Look, I understand throwing in your two cents every once in awhile. You’re blogging and reporting. This is a two paragraph monologue on one of the most poorly executed franchises to sweep Hollywood.

        If you want to talk about Breaking Dawn, headline the post as such. At the very least, include a jump after the first paragraph. Any editor would tell you the same.

      • I’ve been doing this job for two years, and I’ve posted something like 2,000 stories. Not once has either of the lovely editors I’ve worked under told me to put a spoiler after a jump, especially a spoiler for something that’s four years old. If you check the major celebrity news outlets, you can find major spoilers that aren’t even a day old right in the headlines. So no, any editor would not tell me the same.

        Also, this is a gossip blog, not a news site, so you’re going to get our two cents way more often than every once in a while.