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Love It or Leave It: Katy Perry Is Still Doing This Sh-t

A photo of Katy Perry

I can’t even deal with this anymore. Katy Perry‘s fashion choices are just too awful to deal with. The dark, pseudo-gothic dresses, the dark lipstick … it’s too much. I really think that this whole phase will end up being the worst thing she’s ever done. She could go on to rob banks and steal lollipops from small children, or she could buy an island somewhere and start a horrible dictatorship, and I’d still be like “yeeeeah, but remember that ‘dark’ period?”

But it looks like she might have another reason for looking so dark and gloomy. You know how she was dating the guitarist from Florence and the Machine? Yeah, that’s not happening anymore:

Katy Perry is back on the market — again.

The 27-year-old singer has split from Florence + the Machine guitarist, Robert Ackroyd. The pair started dating about a month ago when they were photographed kissing at Coachella Music Festival.

“It wasn’t that serious,” a source tells Us Weekly of Perry’s relationship with Ackroyd. “It’s not a nasty thing and they are still talking, but Katy told him to do his thing and they’ll talk soon.”

“No hard feelings,” another source explains to Us. “She’s really busy and so is he.”

I hope that Katy really isn’t hurt by the breakup, but of course it’s not a total surprise. I know that if I was a dude and I found myself hooking up with Katy Perry, I’d be incredibly upset about getting all this somber nonsense, with nary a whipped cream-shooting boob in sight. But instead of going on again about how irritating all of this is, I’ll just share a picture of my kitten after he saw Katy’s latest ensemble:

I feel like his exasperation speaks for us all.

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