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Kristen Stewart Smiles, Laugh, And Shows Emotions!

A photo of Kristen Stewart

Yesterday, we talked about how Kristen Stewart is evolving, and it’s true. At the very least, her public image is. For the past month or so, ever since she started doing all the publicity for Snow White and the Huntsman, she’s just gotten so much more likable, right?

But this, this is a true sign that we have a new Kristen Stewart on our hands here. A Kristen Stewart who feels more comfortable in the spotlight, a Kristen Stewart who seems to have chilled out a considerable amount. A Kristen Stewart who actually smiles and goofs around in public.

These photos are from the On the Road photocall and premiere in Cannes, and they’re pretty remarkable. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Kristen like this before, so visibly happy and calm. I don’t think she bit her lip on camera even once! For real, look at this picture of her looking downright animated with Kirsten Dunst:

A photo of Kirsten Dunst and Kristen Stewart

Is your mind blown? Because mine kind of is.