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Brad from LFO Never Harassed All Those Women He Harassed

A photo of Brad Fischetti

Oh, Brad from LFO! What a misunderstood soul. Sure, he spends his free time chilling outside of abortion clinics, stopping complete strangers to talk to them about what they should do with their own bodies, and sure, he doesn’t have any idea what the people he’s talking to have been through. And yeah, when he’s done telling these people what they should do with their bodies, he talks about it on the internet and posts pictures of them. But he never did anything wrong, and everyone’s totally cool with what he’s doing, so let’s just lighten up!

From E! Online:

In a statement to E! News, Fischetti, 36, denies harassing any women outside the clinic, but he adamantly stands by his anti-abortion views and says he regrets not speaking out more when LFO was at the height of its fame.

“Most times I just pray,” he tells E! of his activities at the clinic. “And when I do speak, it’s only God’s Word and/or letting the girls and guys know that there are other options. That we are here if they need help or to talk or to pray. That we have people ready and waiting and willing to help.”

Fischetti says that he and his fellow abortion opponents offer women information about pregnancy crisis centers, where they can get free ultrasounds and other prenatal care.

“I don’t yell. I don’t judge. I just offer help if they want it and pray. Pray constantly,” he reiterated. Fischetti calls the abortion process “disgusting,” and believes that it was never intended to be “what it has become” when it was legalized.

“I really don’t care what people think of my stance against it,” Fischetti’s statement to us continued.  I may lose family and friends. But I am obligated to speak the truth. If I have a platform of 500 or 5,000, my job is to speak the truth…Although I regret not having stronger convictions when I had a platform, I wouldn’t change anything. I am content with who I am and where I am. I haven’t read what the other side is saying about me but I don’t care and I don’t judge them or anyone. I only want people to know the truth and I only want to help. And I’m content doing so in my little bubble in Orlando.”

Look, I’m sure Brad from LFO here doesn’t mean any harm. I’m sure that he has the best of intentions, and that he really, really cares about what he does. But if I was a woman walking into that clinic and a dude from a mediocre boy band stopped me and tried to tell me about my options and asked me if I wanted to pray? No. Just no. And if he posted a picture of me talking to someone I actually knew outside of the clinic on Twitter along with the caption that I’m in “the valley of decision”? It would get real ugly, you guys.

Oh, and just in case you’re curious, Brad’s at the clinic again today. He tweeted at 9:00 this morning that there were ” 20 girls lined up 4 abortions this AM.” Good to know, Brad, as always!

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  • “…he regrets not speaking out more when LFO was at the height of its fame”
    I think it’s funny he thinks he was ever famous.

  • I’ll tell you what I’m “praying” for. I’m praying that Brad gets a really hard cramp in his lower back (if you’re a woman, you know what I mean) and then we’ll see the REAL Brad. He’ll practically “swoon” and whine and tears will come and he’ll insist that he has to go to a hospital right now!!!! And then he’ll leave the clinic faster than you can say “change my Pampers!” Who says that there aren’t any atheists in the foxhole?!?


    ‘I think it’s funny he thinks he was ever famous’

    I am curious to see if the ‘band’ starts touring again soon (with a new 3rd member of course). Wonder if he really is a serious reli-freak or famewhoring for a comeback. (if there was something to come back to xD)

  • the clinics are not only for abortions. crazy person. i would tell him to go to hell if i really thought one existed but i don’t so he would have been really upset with me.