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31Brad from LFO Spends All His Free Time at Abortion Clinics

A photo of LFO and Jennifer Love Hewitt

You guys. This is crazy. You remember LFO, right? Of course you do. They’re the ones who like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch, remember? Yeah, those guys. Well, ever since their star began to fade in 2001, it doesn’t look like they’ve been up to too much. Rich Cronin, the cute blonde one on the far left, sadly passed away in 2010. Devin, the guy who Jennifer Love Hewitt is pressing up against, is a barber now, I believe. So where does that leave Brad, the striking young man in the middle?

Oh, you know, he just hangs out at an abortion clinic, trying to convince women who go in to “choose life.” Then he talks about it on Twitter. Here are some of the things that he’s tweeted:

Please pray for Mario & Ashley. They chose life today. God Bless you.

Please pray 4 Angel & Maria as they consider life. Pls also pray 4 John Barros as he continues 2 share the Word & Christlike compassion. GBY

And I just found out NO abortions @ clinic 2day. This is unprecedented. Ur prayers r working.

MON I startd askng 4 ur prayrs. TUE no abortions. 2day, late term day closd! 2mrw closed! Othr clinic ownd by DR closd! ur prayers r wrking!

Bad news. Clinic open & slammed. Nurse told John Barros “We can’t let them ’2nds’ (trimester) get away. 2 much $ n them.” Please pray

At the clinic. Please pray for us. John, Carlos, and me. Pray 4 Justin. He just went inside side 2 try 2 soften his girl’s heart.

Guess what? Ur prayers worked. Justin went n & got his girl. She chose life & we all prayed n front of this place together. Amen. Thank you!

Remember Justin from last week? His lady chose life? 2day she chose death. All she cld say was sorry when she walked out.

10 girls lined up & the clinic’s only been open 5 minutes; including some who are well n 2 the 2nd trimester. Prayers 4 these girls please

What do u say 2 a girl who walks n the clinic who is so pregnant u would stop her on the street & ask when she’s due?

Oh, and sometimes he tweets pictures of people standing outside of the clinic with captions like “Angel and Maria in the valley of decision.”  He’s also given out the name of the “abortionist” and told his followers (he has just over 1,000 of them) to look him up.

I don’t care if you’re pro-life or pro-choice. Those are your beliefs. But going up to women outside of an abortion clinic and urging them to “choose life” is an awful thing to do. You have no idea what that person is going through, or what she’s been through, or how she’s feeling. And it’s not your place to tell anyone what she needs to do with her own body. If you believe abortion is wrong, then fine, but if you need to announce your beliefs, then basically any other venue is better than this. I’m sure several people disagree, but I disagree with women getting guilted and judged during what is probably one of the hardest moments of their entire lives.

And we don’t need to discuss why it’s bad to post pictures of these people, do we? Please tell me that we don’t have to discuss that.

May 24, 2012 at 5:30 pm by Emily
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31 Responses to “Brad from LFO Spends All His Free Time at Abortion Clinics”

  1. blasted1 says:

    In the words of Germaine Greer: “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be considered a sacrament.” If you are a person who has never had 1 menstrual cramp, shut the fuck up.

    • evilbeetdouche says:

      Too bad your mom didn’t spend more time at the abortion clinic.

      • blasted1 says:

        Dude, she tried to get into the clinic, but your mom kept butting in line, muttering something about,”….welfare gonna cut me off if I have too many…” How is she, by the way?

    • DR. EVIL says:



  2. brooklyn says:

    that dude has a screw loose.

  3. Anonymous says:

    wow. where i live he would go to jail for this.
    what an asshole!

  4. Seriously says:

    Having an abortion in the second trimester should be illegal. Either side of the story is just sad.

  5. mireee says:

    What an absolute cunt, harrassing pregnant folks outside an abortion clinic. I hate that holier-than-thou attitude. It’s so easy to judge and ask to “choose life” when it’s not your whole world the one that’s falling apart. I guess they never think of the life of the pregnant one.

  6. XYZ says:

    Losers… No sane woman would pay attention to this retard…

  7. Tlm says:

    Pay to have someone mutilate then scrape your baby out, or go through with the last 3-6 months and give the baby up to a family that cant have kids. Yea what an asshole :eyeroll:

    • LegalEase says:

      yea, he is an asshole. there’s doctor/patient confidentiality for a reason, and he’s posting people’s pictures who are visiting these clinics. that’s fucked up, and it doesn’t matter where you stand on abortion. he should be arrested for taking pictures and making them public.

  8. RogueNYC says:

    Hey Tim! Because EVERY unwanted baby/child gets a good home yeah/ And because our foster care system and adoption system isn’t an EPIC FAIL?

    These are NOT your decisions.

  9. Tlm says:

    No your right, thats a perfect reason to take a baby’s life.
    Not my decision but I have a right to my opinion.

  10. RogueNYC says:

    you’re more than welcome to take that “baby”, Tim, at 17 weeks gestation, let’s say. Now you just have to create an artificial womb and find a way to transfer the “baby” into that womb safely.

    Until then, please refrain from forcing women to host a parasite? kthanx. (why yes, yes I am a mother)

  11. Tlm says:

    By the way my s/n is T L M not Tim, and I am a young woman, a wife and a mother of soon to be 2.

  12. RogueNYC says:

    oh, but at the end of the day – YOUR opinion on the subjct of someone else’s pregnancy is incredibly irrelevant :)

  13. Tlm says:

    And I would never consider my child while pregnant with them a parasite. Thats just a shitty thing to say.

  14. RogueNYC says:

    well good for you. Worry about YOUR parasite, then yeah?

  15. Tlm says:

    If my opinion is irrevelant to you why keep talking to me? Just ignore what I believe in. Like all the other commentors I am entitled to my opinion. If you dont like it dont read it. Im also positive I can worry about whatever I choose to.

  16. meh says:

    Someone needs to slap him upside the head with an aborted fetus. What a loser.

  17. Chuck says:

    Time to publish Brad’s picture, address, phone number and car make/model/license plate ID on the Internet so people can “pay him a visit” like he encourages his merry band of haters to visit the doctor’s home and place of business.

    We had an abortion doctor do that in Maryland to her abortion protesters. Seems the protesters didn’t like getting phone calls non-stop at all hours of the night harassing them any more than the doctor did. Protesters found something better to do with their time after that.

  18. Seriously says:

    Maybe these “ladies” could should put the effort of going to a clinic before getting pregnant…

    • TruthHurts says:

      Contraception is so easy!!! And making abortion seem as normal as an Xray is not right, it should be a last resort after everything else let you down. Right now is more like a contraception option its own right
      most of the commentators here would probably be baking Zimmerman cookies because let’s face it he’s just a ‘misunderstand killer too’

  19. Ally says:

    Seriously: That would work, except there is no 100% contraception. Not even tubal ligation or vasectomies are 100%. So please become a research scientist, if you aren’t already, and develop 100% contraception and/or ectogenesis (artificial wombs.)

  20. CoCo says:

    Y’all need to get a life.

  21. Tgj says:

    Oh please… Children are parasites until they are 18. 22 if you send them to college ;)

  22. TruthHurts says:

    Pregnant chicks who are about to kill their babies dont get preferential treatment.
    Abortion is a womans right as its anyones right to be against it and to express their disapproval.
    I cant understand why people expect a pat on the back and sympathy at their ‘hard choice’ GTFOHWTB.S!

  23. Simon Jadis says:

    That guy is the worst kind of person.

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