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Kim Kardashian And Kanye Are Already Talking About Babies

A photo of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Sure, Kim and Kanye have only been dating for a few weeks. And sure, Kim is technically still married. And sure, this whole thing is probably just a publicity stunt for two of the biggest fame whores I can think of. But none of that means that they can’t be considering having children together:

Their romance may only be three weeks old, but Kimye is already talking babies! Will Kim get pregnant before her sister Khloe?

Kim Kardashian and  Kanye West both have babies on the brain, and she thinks he would make a great father!

Apparently Kim, 32, already thought she’d be a mom by now, a close pal of Kim’s tells OK! Magazine.

She’s falling quick for the eccentric rapper and thinks he’ll be a “great father” especially with his love of kids and of his heavy involvement with foster care, adds the source.

The source also says Kanye, 34, is on the same boat as Kim: “He said one of his goals is to be a dad.”

As for their budding romance, Kim’s pal believes they’ll actually last, as they’ve already been friends for nearly a decade. “It looks like this could be for real.”

I don’t even know about all this. I could see Kim questioning Kanye about having kids already, and I could see Kanye, I don’t know, answering her in a never-ending series of tweets that are really long-winded and self-important and pretty much nonsense. That’s how they communicate, right? Surely they don’t sit down and have actual conversations like the rest of us. Surely not.

Do you think the world is ready for a Kardashian-West baby?

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  • Doesn’t matter, it’s already in the contract…I just wonder what the split will be from the “We’re pregnant!” magazine exclusive.

  • I don’t think any human can contain the amount of douchebag-slut combo that those kids would carry. I hypothesize that the children, if ever created, would simply combust in a firey explosion of YSL t-shirts and ass implant silicone.

  • I hear he is a bit of a control freak I don’t think Kim will react well to that as for having a baby she should just adopt.

    • I don’t think she should be a parent to ANY child. She would actually have to focus on someone other than herself, and it would make it more difficult to famewhore.

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