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Look, Jennifer Lopez Did A New Music Video!

Not only did Jennifer Lopez do a brand new music video, she did a brand new music video with her little baby boyfriend, Casper Smart. Two little bears just covering themselves in glitter and dirty dancing!

Be sure to take note of a few things in this video, all right? First of all, I don’t really use this term that often, but I think Jennifer Lopez is just bangin’. It is insane how gorgeous this lady is. I could watch her dance around in tights all day long and just be mesmerized by her beauty. Throw in the little doucheface, and this is my new favorite music video ever. Just check out his serious, intense dancing face. You look so hardcore with all that paint and glitter, little buddy! You’re living the dream!

All right, I’ll tell you guys the truth: I did watch this whole video, but I had the sound off. Is this a powerful pop song? Some hip hop number? No idea. Let me know if this is a good song and maybe I’ll listen to it, but for now, I’m just going to keep this video going on mute. It’s too amazing to sully with a Jennifer Lopez song.

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  • Jennifer Lopez is the the market product, of over in ‘DULL gance. One of the the most self serving, ‘a** kissing woman of the face of the earth, that proves the point that she doesn’t care how it looks if she makes money. This is the definition of a whore, she’s completely incapable of avoiding a stentance that starts with I- and ends with ‘ME she kisses everybodies ass because she wants everybody to kiss hers which by the way is extremely fat!

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