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Guess There’s No Denying They’re Dating Then, Huh?

photo of casper smart and jennifer lopez glowing perfume ad pictures photos
But I gotta ask – does she really think all that much of boyfriend Casper Smart’s looks (or body … or big honking old skull tattoo) that she’s just got to (allegedly) feature him in her new perfume ad for ‘Glowing’?

And what’s with that, anyhow? Why do all of Jennifer Lopez‘s perfumes have to be about being all shiny and shit? ‘Glow’, ‘Miami Glow’, ‘Deseo’ – which rhymes with Glow, ‘Blue Glow’, ‘Love at First Glow’, ‘Glow After Dark’, ‘My Glow’, ‘Sunkissed Glow’, ‘La Glow’ … Do I really need to go on? Now we add ‘Glowing’ to the list. And that’s special, because J and her designers took the extra time to add a few letters onto the traditional ‘Glow’, so that must mean it’s going to be super, super special.

Plus, the ad (photo depicted above) features Cappy Smart. You just know that this scent is going to be one fireball of a fragrance. If, indeed, it’s being released for that purpose. See, ol’ Jenny from the Block here Tweeted this photo last night and then quickly removed it. Either because she was going to get in trouble for leaking critical shots of her up-and-coming perfume ad, or because she knew that people like me were going to guffaw all over it and point and laugh at that stupid sleeve tattoo. I don’t know. I kind of hope it’s both, to be quite honest. And babies, too.

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, lovers!

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  • the thing about tattoos is, they are for the owner’s enjoyment, not yours. It’s not possible to get a tattoo that would please everyone, so nobody bothers to try. If they like it, then it’s fucking perfect, whether it’s dumb looking to everyone else or not… your opinion means exactly *gasp* nothing. It seems like a tecnically excellent tattoo, it suits him, probably cost a bomb and is large and high-contrast enough to age well. Like the guy getting the J-Lo treatment would care what some bottom feeding gossip blogger thinks, anyway.