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Lindsay Thought She Did A Great Job

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Aww, this is sad. As you well know, our girl Lindsay Lohan hosted Saturday Night Live last night. As you also know, it, um, wasn’t that good. I told you this morning that she was incredibly flat, not to mention the fact that she so obviously and so frequently got her lines from cue cards, but you know what other people are saying? Other people are saying that Lindsay Lohan was the worst host of the whole season. And that’s got to hurt a little, to have your big comeback so poorly reviewed.

But it doesn’t hurt Lindsay Lohan, no siree, not one bit! And you want to know why? Because Lindsay thinks she did a fine job, and she’s really proud of what she did.

From TMZ:

Love it or hate it, there’s at least one person who thinks Lindsay Lohan did a great job on “Saturday Night Live” last night … and that’s Lindsay herself.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she understands it wasn’t a perfect show, but she feels proud of the episode. We’re told there were several last minute changes — including ditching her singing monologue in favor of one with cameos from Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm.

Our sources say Lindsay was excited to be back working and really missed being a part of the action.

According to our sources, Lindsay understands people are going to bash her performance regardless … but she feels she did the best she could do.

It’s sad because she didn’t do a good job, and as a professional actor, she really shouldn’t take the opinion of “well, I did the best I could do, whatevs.” If she does that, then how is she ever going to get any better? In a perfect world, she would have admitted that meth has fried her brain and that she spent all last week partying in New York, or she could have even pulled a Lana Del Rey and said that live performance just isn’t her strong suit. But the fact that she’s all right with what she did last night really doesn’t speak well for the rest of her career, and that makes me sad.

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  • I thought it was fine too. SNL just blows generally. I was surprised at how well she did, and er…how her appearance was not as fugly as I imagined it would be. Mind you, her plastic surgery face is off, but it wasn’t as bad on TV as I expected. Perhaps her new face just photographs poorly. I’m all for bashing her, but I think Zooey did a worse job than her. AT least I laughed at SOME of the skits.

  • She has just gotten so entitled and has been given so many breaks no one else would get that she no longer feels she should be held to the same standard as other people.

  • seems like people wont be happy until she kills herself ……..this society is sad ,demented and evil

    • The girl is trying, jeeez! And she got the highest rating in her timeslot, not to mention 2nd highest rating for SNL all season. How come you didn’t post that information?

    • Sorry, my earlier comment was meant to be a reply to this post. Is it just me or are Sarah and Emily’s posts about LL always biased against her? Why is that??

  • Lindsay Lohan may have turned in a less-than-stellar performance on “Saturday Night Live,” but her straitlaced appearance on the “Today” show Thursday morning was Oscar-caliber.

    Not even 24 hours after “Today” aired a pre-recorded interview in which Lohan told Matt Lauder that nightclubbing was “not my thing anymore,” an eyewitness says the trouble doll partied past 4 a.m. at Chinatown hotspot Le Baron Friday morning.

    The source says Lohan — who also told Lauder that she liked being “a homebody” — held court at the nightclub with an entourage that grew as the night progressed.

  • I think you guys are just being mean. Everyone knows that every host, even the cast of SNL, takes their lines from cue cards!!!! the difference is that the cast are used t it, but if you pay attention, it’s easy to notice they’re doing that.

    I think it was good, and she was abble t laugh at herself, wich allow us to know that she does not deny all the wrng things she made in the past, and she’s recovering and needs a job.