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Lindsay Lohan Got A Real Job!

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay, baby, we are so proud of you! After what seems like – and I guess actually was – years of just crashing parties and crack whoring and crack, you have finally managed to lock down something good, something respectable, and something that could actually help you get your career back on track! I didn’t think I would ever again be able to feel this kind of pride and this kind of optimism for you, but girl, the time has come.

You got a gig hosting SNL, Lindsay! Hooray!

I know that Jenn mentioned this amazing little fact yesterday in her Saturday Night Live post, but there’s a little more information now, and really, this is the kind of information that deserves to be repeated as much as necessary. So mark your calendars and get yourself good and prepared, because Lindsay is coming to SNL on March 3rd! And it was all her idea!

From TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan was DYING to do “Saturday Night Live” again — and kickstart her comeback — so she reached out to Lorne Michaels herself to book the hosting gig … TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she has always felt the “SNL” executive producer has been very fatherly towards her throughout the years. We’re told LiLo has always enjoyed doing the show, but was waiting for the right time to do it again.

So now that her community service is coming to an end, our sources say Lindsay called up Lorne and asked him to consider her for the show again. We’re told they had multiple conversations and eventually settled on a date … March 3.

According to our sources, Lindsay feels doing “SNL” again will remind people she’s an actress … not a defendant.

How do you guys think this episode will go? At first, of course, I was like “wow, this is going to be the hottest mess the world has ever seen,” but then I actually thought about it, and I’m not so sure anymore. Lindsay actually seems to have her shit together these days, for her, anyway, and there’s no denying that in her deluded little mind that’s floating in meth juice and broken dreams, she wants this bad. She wants that Oscar, and this would certainly be a step in the right direction.

All I know for sure right now is that this episode will be something to behold, either because Lindsay will be Mean Girl funny and blow everyone away with her charm and coherence, or because we’ll actually see her do a line during her monologue or something else to make the entire show fall apart. Either way, I think we definitely need to tune in.

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