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Kim Kardashian Is Dating An Arabian Prince Now

A photo of Kim Kardashian

Remember that time that Kim Kardashian went to Dubai last fall and then came back and faked a scene for Kourtney and Kim Take New York to prove that Kris Humphries is an asshole and the divorce was all his fault? Ok, the majority of that sentence was just for funzies, but what I’m really asking is “remember that time that Kim Kardashian went to Dubai last fall?” While she was over there, it turns out that “many Saudi Arabian princes were throwing themselves” at her, because why wouldn’t they, and Kim “really had a connection” with one of them, because why wouldn’t she? It’s not like she was married at the time … oh wait, she was, let me rephrase it … it’s not like she was in a serious relationship at the time.

From Hollywood Life:

Kim K. may finally get the man of her dreams after all! And this new guy is far better than the athletes of her past!

The Kardashians have always joked that Kim Kardashian, 31, is the “princess” of the family. Well, her dream of becoming royalty could happen sooner than she thought!

During Kim and Kris Jenner‘s trip to Dubai in October 2011, many Saudi Arabian princes were throwing themselves at Kim, according to a new report in Star magazine. And now she may have found a match!

“Several royals gave her their phone numbers and made it clear they were serious about dating her,” a source tells the mag. “The one she really had a connection with is a billionare!”

While her prince’s identity has yet to be revealed, sources tell the mag that he’s not hesitant to dole out cash which is exactly what she was looking for in her next man.

“She wants to be taken care of,” the source says. “She’s done being a sugar mama.”

So forget about the rumors of Kim and Reggie rekindling their romance because the source says he’s “yesterday’s news” and “not rich enough.”

Maybe this is why Kim has been jetting off Haiti for charity work? Is she getting a head start on princess duties? Will Kim and Kate Middleton be PRINCESS FRIENDS? So many questions!

Oh my gosh, how perfect of a plot line would that be for Kim Kardashian’s life? She’d be a real life princess, which could probably get at least, like, one and a half seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Of course there would be a new spin-off featuring Kim’s new life, and I could see Kris Jenner dumping Bruce to try to get a prince of her own. Is there a movie where some people lose their passports or something and get trapped in a foreign country where the don’t speak the language, and wacky hijinks ensue? Because it would be just like that. And it would be so good.

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  • I know saudis personally. And no way in hell would this happen. I dont doubt that a Saudi prince would hit that and run, but they would never everrrr step out with her publicly. Also “dating” is forbidden in Islam, so they can’t “date” publicly. Im kris Jenner out on her bs PR stunt

    • You know saudis personally? Lies.

      I hope everyone understands by now that this fat pig porn star slut’s mother, who is also another fat pig pimp who whores her own children out to large black men, feeds certain magazines all these terrible stories to shape the public’s perception of her fat pig porn star daughter.

      I do agree though that no Arab prince would ever hit that since she’s been peed on by dudes on camera before, so yea.. I’m guessing that’s “haram”

  • Paris Hilton, Janet Jackson and and many other stars, models um.. ‘date’ them for money, gifts and favors.. Temp wives. Doing those ‘party girl’ jobs the decent women who live there won’t do and if they did, they are dead.

  • The Arab elite send their sons here to Washington, DC quite often to attend college and to “sow their wild oats”. While charming and very good at flashing Daddy’s/family wealth, they love to do all the things they can’t do publicly in their own countries (like drinking, screwing coeds, etc.), then go back to their own craphole countries and tell their people what whores our women are and how stupid we are for putting up with their antics.

    This story that Kim K has found an “Arab Prince” is laughable. She’s just a facial tissue to them, to be used and thrown away.

    • Craphole? You know you’re very disrespectful. I am an arab and offended. You know nothing about the arab countries. You’re probably just jelouse because were financialy waaay better and if the guys who study abroad screw your woman and leave thenyour woman obviously go after the arab men for their money I know many american woman here who played around and got knocked up just so that they will marry them and get them out of that shitty life they’re livin there. So don’t say crap if you don’t know what you are talking about and don’t be pointing fingers when your fingers aren’t clean and please next time you try to make a point don’t offend anyone, that’s not very nice.
      Btw no offence to anyone but you made me do this..

      • Anfal, you flaming piece of camel shit. You’re “financialy waaay better”? That’s only because daddy, who stole the oil wealth from your country, can’t say no to his little flower so he can piss away everything he inherited from his daddy. Without oil, your countries would just be filled with flies and sweaty, stinking people overdressed for the heat. Once the oil is gone, you can go back to screwing your sisters and their children.

        Oh, by the way, I live in DC and have seen the Arab “men” behave in EXACTLY the way I described, and tell me why they so often come to this country for their education.

    • i see some truth in here, the fact that they screw girls and talk bad after. but pleaase do not generalize.
      some arabs, especially young people can’t control themselves around beautiful women, so they tend to play round for a while then go back and repent or something. i should know im a hardcore arab.

  • Yeah I was going to say…maybe as a mistress, or one of thirty in a harem… but no prince is going to marry her.

  • her new match is not a saudi prince :| yea he is a billionare
    but he looks homo ;\ !!
    bitch Kimy , she loved her first guy for his penis & she loves her new guy for his money
    these saudi rich guys just wanna be famous
    this love will turn over soon

  • Stop acting you american that you never got laid before actually most of you got fucked when they were teenagers

  • Marrying an arab prince wont make her a princess. She will become one of his 10 wives, forced t wear a birka, not allowed to speak, not allowed to read, for once when an arab whisks off an amarican citizen to saudi arabia to live a life of supression i wont care because i really hate kim that much.

  • arabs r so fking awesome, i know arabs, alot ov them , and they have money yeah , but they’re nice , well the ones i know are, and i think that the bitch kim who’s going after his money for sure!!!!!!! i hate kim i even have her se* tape with R jay!!!!

  • we all know kim is a ugly “plastic” fake bitch
    who is only desperate for money she ain’t talented and she only used paris hilton for fame.why on earth would and arab wanna throw them selfs at a skank like her firstly she ain’t arabian aramanian people are’nt arabs there part of europe and secondly with the size of her arse any guy would proberly be scared and run a is so eeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • We kim is a nice girl but no arab will fall for her and she’s with some one and his not a arab his a black. So ya and stop ofending us arabas before we stop pumpping oil to the countrys like amereca injoy your haraam lives with dateing and such hell is waiting for you guyz kim and the rest like mily ciris will be your enterayment in hell all of you no belives

  • Do not be so rude islaam does not teach that it teachers love my fwends we all come from one god and may we all go to heven very single releg I am a lerned person in islaam and what the muslims are posting on this web sit I say soory if they offen eney one islaam teachers love so let’s all drop it if kim is dateing a arab or what but let’s prayz are lord and not worry about her let her do what she wants cuz at the end of the day she does not know who you are and every on has a bad side and a gwd side so let’s all try to bring out the gwd with in us