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Kim Kardashian Wants Her Next Wedding to Be “Very Private, No Cameras”

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You read that headline right, Kim Kardashian is already talking about her next wedding. Is that weird? She announced her divorce a little over 100 days ago, and for her to already be doing some preliminary planning, that’s … well, I think that’s strange. Of course there are lots of girls who dream about weddings and true love and all that, but don’t you think it would be wise to focus on your next relationship, or, I don’t know, finalizing your divorce before you think anything about a wedding?

But we all know that Kimmy here is a hopeless romantic, and she’s all about snagging herself a man, maybe starting a family, and being a little more private in her new interview with Allure:

On having limits: “People [think] because you film your life on a reality show, you live everything for the cameras. But we all have limits,” says Kardashian. “My mom has no limits. We need someone, right, to have no limits? That’s my mom.” As for Kardashian’s limits, they are evolving. There was a time when she thought she wanted an ongoing record of her marriage for posterity. “When I saw Khloé and Lamar get married—and they had their wedding on TV—I thought, Oh, my gosh, that’s so exciting! That’s what I want! If you were to ask me now, that’s not what I want.”

On her next relationship: If Kardashian has regrets about sharing so much of her personal life on camera, she doesn’t dwell on them. Still, she says, the experience “definitely made me want to be more private with my relationship, whenever I choose to get into one again. I’m not ready, but when that time comes, I’ll be more cautious about who I let my world open up to.”

Why people watch her shows: “It’s the glitz and the glam, but then we have the normal fights. I get a lot [of comments] like ‘I have no sisters and I wish I did’ or ‘I have tons of sisters, and we’re just like you!’ There are so many of us, someone can relate to one of us in the family.”

On being Khloe’s surrogate: “Khloé joked with me and said, ‘Will you be my surrogate?'” Kim says about having children. “I said, ‘I think I have a couple more years when I just want my body to myself. At 35, I promise I’ll consider it.'”

On her next wedding: “I would just want it to be so special, with our family and close friends, and that’s it. Somewhere on a deserted island, very private,” she says, lowering her gaze. “No cameras.”

Kim asks herself questions: “Do I want kids of my own? Absolutely. But I don’t know if that’s what’s meant for me. Maybe I’ll just work, work, work, and not think about it.”

“Is it tough to watch [the show]? Yeah. Tough to see an unhappy time in your life.”

“Do I think there are more haters than before? Not really. But I think this has given them a platform to have a louder voice.”

“Will I be more private of a person? Am I more guarded? Absolutely,” she says. “But, also, I’m a firm believer that my show is who I am.”

Does this whole interview annoy the hell out of me?  It absolutely does.  But am I interested anyway?  I am.  Does that make me feel bad?  A little, but not really.  Do I think Kim is talking out of her ass with zero sincerity?  Always.

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