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New Couple Alert: Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush

A photo of Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian

Well, technically, of course, this would be an old couple alert, since Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have been a couple in the past. In fact, Reggie was Kim’s one true love. Tragically, these two kids just couldn’t make things work, and they called it quits. While their love never died, their circumstances would not allow them to be together. But, after a good while and another marriage under Kim’s belt, maybe it’s time to try again.

At least, it looks like it’s time to try again, because Kim and Reggie were recently spotted out on a date:

Kim Kardashian has REUNITED with her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush … breaking bread with the NFL player at the Beverly Hills Hotel this weekend … TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources tell us … the two were smiling and laughing during the lunch date … and played it cool when fans approached them for pictures and autographs.

We’re told it seemed just like old times … before Kim went off and married/divorced that other guy whose name we can’t remember.

Sources say the two have been spending A LOT of time together in the past few days … but it’s unclear if it’s a full-on reconciliation.

And then there’s the speculation from “a source,” natch:

Amid reports last weekend that the reality star reunited over lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel with ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush, a source tells PEOPLE that the two are just friends – at least for now.

“They don’t know what will happen,” the source says. “They’re taking it slow. They love each other so much and miss each other, but their relationship is so complicated.”

Less than four months after announcing her split from Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage, Kardashian, 31, who last called it quits with the NFL pro, 26, in 2010, is in no rush to enter another relationship.

“Things are up in the air,” the source adds. “Kim very much wants to take her time and be single and heal from her divorce.”

Bush, who first stepped out with Kardashian in 2007, might also want to check in with stepfather Bruce Jenner.

“The next guy’s got to go through me,” Jenner said on Tuesday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I can tell if it’s going to work or not.”

Yeah, the source is right, Kim definitely needs time to heal. You don’t just bounce right back after a divorce, you know. I mean, she was married for 72 days, all right? Don’t rush her into anything.

It also makes me giggle that Bruce says he can tell if one of Kim’s relationships is going to work or not, because man, he really must have fumbled that whole Humphries situation, huh?

But really, I hope this is true. Reggie and Kim did always seem really into each other, and it’s not like Kim could screw up a relationship worse than she already has, right?

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