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Justin Theroux Breakdanced on Ellen for Jennifer Aniston

OK, OK – it wasn’t really *for* Jen, but she allegedly sent his Very Special Breakdancing Shoes to the set, and after Ellen approached the topic of his secret talent, he had no other option but to show both Ellen and the audience a few choice moves.

What does that mean? Well, it means that we’ve got Justin Theroux, multitalented dude who can dance, ride a mean motorcycle, capture the hearts of prolific women (right; that one was the easy one, really), act, and produce/direct. He can also be pretty evasive when he needs to be, and when you’re dating Jennifer Aniston, I most definitely think one needs to be. Seems like such a catch, right?

I mean, aside from the whole thing about him having the poor judgement in dating a woman who makes him wear a gold ring with his own name on it, and how he unceremoniously dumped his ex-girlfriend of, like, a decade for her, he’s actually kind of cute and endearing. He does engaging interviews. Women ‘woo!’ for him. And finally, the pièce de résistance – he breakdances. Have you ever slept with a dude who could breakdance? If you have? Well. I think I rest my case.

Good for you, Jen. All things considered, of course.

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