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This Might Be the Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Seen, Jennifer Aniston

photo of justin theroux's jennifer aniston ring pictures photos
You know what this is? It’s a ring. That says ‘Justin‘. As in ‘Theroux’. Who is wearing it, and not because he’s such a ditz that he often forgets his own name and needs a reminder. Nope, he’s wearing it because Jennifer Aniston is making him under penalty of public breakdown it’s a symbol of his and Jennifer Aniston’s undying love for one another. Yup. She’s even got one to match, and hers is aptly screams ‘Jennifer‘. See?:

photo of jennifer aniston's ring justin theroux engagement pics
The two were photographed on the red carpet for their new movie, Wanderlust, which also stars Paul Rudd. Who is completely hot, but this is neither the time nor the place to discuss such frivolity – not when we’ve got Jennifer “6th Grade” Aniston making her boyfriend wear a ring that I owned in 8th grade. Mine said ‘Sarah’ though, and if, for some reason, I found it necessary to buy matching rings for my boyfriend and myself (which I didn’t because first, I was in 8th grade and who’s got 8th grade money like that?, and two, because I’m not a possessive weirdo) I’d make sure he wore the ring that said MY name, whereas I’d wear the ring that said HIS name. Because that’d just make sense. We remember ‘sense’, don’t we?

I don’t know what these guys have up their sleeves, or if they’re considering this a pre-pre-engagement ring, but I do know that it might be one of the tackiest things I’ve ever seen in life. Nice move, Jen. You f-cking cheeseball.

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  • They each wear one with their own names because its actually a hot brand that they heat up with a lighter and use to burn their name on their partner’s ass. However they weren’t very clever in their design because the name will now read backwards/mirrored. Foolish kids.

  • i love them. i would totally wear a “kathy” ring if jen asked me to. at least it’s not a vial of her blood. things could, and have been, worse…

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