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Megan Fox in a Bikini! And Megan Fox News!

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Want to know why Megan Fox is one of my latest favorite ladies? Because that stupid Marilyn Monroe tattoo is getting fainter and fainter as the days go by. Seriously. It’s practically almost gone. Plus, she looks so hot these days. The Botox is all but gone and her hip bones are no longer protruding like she’s trying to use them as weapons to recreate some kind of weird Tomb Raider vibe.

All good news for Megan Fox and her fans, right? Well, no, not so much. Turns out that role she was going for against Lindsay Lohan – you know, the Elizabeth Taylor Lifetime movie role? Sources are saying it went to Lindsay because there’s apparently a market for blowjobs guaranteed with STDs for whatever reason. From Access Hollywood:

Lindsay Lohan has more than just her upcoming hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live” to celebrate – she’s scored the role of Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime TV movie, “Liz and Dick,” a source tells Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush.

But, there is one legal-related caveat: Lindsay needs to stay on the right side of court.

According to the source, if Lohan continues to stick to the judge’s orders, as she has been doing, she will be playing the “Cleopatra” beauty in the Lifetime made-for-TV film about the late actress.

TMZ also has a story that Lindsay’s taking this role appointment very seriously, and would probably chew off her own arm if it meant keeping the role and getting whatever Lifetime movie awards that might happen to exist somewhere out there on the D-list:

Lindsay is telling friends, she’s taking her new gig extremely seriously — “obsessing over getting the part right” for the film.

According to sources, Lindsay is doing nothing but watching old Liz Taylor movies to help her recreate the Hollywood icon’s posture, speech, and every other little detail.

We’re told Lindsay has also been watching old Liz interviews online and reading a bunch of Liz biographies.

Oh … My God! What went wrong, Megs? You’ve got the look, the acting chops (for a Lifetime movie, anyway), and the lack of cracked-out behavioral history. How did Lindsay manage to get her scruffy little hands on a part that you so deserved?

I’m baffled, friends. And I’m sure Megan is, too, just judging by the vacant ‘What the f-ck just happened’ look on her face in most of the gallery photos. Check them out, and do yourself a favor – cheer up. It’s still Megan Fox in a bikini, after all.

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