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Look, It’s Another Song by Chris Brown And Rihanna!

Well, this is cute. Earlier today, Rihanna released her remix of “Birthday Cake,” featuring the musical stylings of Chris Brown. Also today, Chris Brown released this song, a remix of a song called “Turn Up The Music,” featuring the musical stylings of Rihanna. That’s what we call a united front, I reckon.

At least in Chris Brown’s song, Rihanna doesn’t have lines like “I wanna f*ck you right now.” That’s something right? She does sing “I love you, baby” towards the end though, so … I don’t know. Here, read some of Chris Brown’s latest, enlightened tweets:

Possibilities are Endless! U make a difference!

The love you withhold is the pain you carry!!!!

Awareness of your consciousness is EVOLUTION!

HOW CAN 1 influence the planet TO HELP THEMSELVES?

I just hope my music inspires people to really come together. LOVE and POSITIVITY.

Peace and blessings



You are not GODS to judge us. U have no say! Positivity & LOVE! My fans make a difference!

He’s a good person, ok? Can’t you see that? These remarks he made on Twitter are totally proof of that, and they totally negate every bad thing he’s done lately. Who are we to judge him when we’ve all made mistakes? It was three years ago! Rihanna is ok with it, so what’s the problem? He said he was sorry! He’s so talented! People just have a problem with him still because of his race! Nobody hates Charlie Sheen or Mel Gibson anymore, so why can’t they let the Chris Brown thing go? He’s paid his dues. TEAM BREEZY*.

Did you like the song?

*These are all things that actual people have actually said in real life. I don’t agree with any of them.

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  • that butthole beat up rhianna……his punishment was not nearly severe enough……plus he probably still screwing her (sobs quietly in pillow)

  • He’s a douche everyone knows that but what about her?? She’s just as big a douche as he is for letting him back into her life!!

  • Now Emily, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, it’s true the backlash Charlie Sheen has had isn’t anywhere near the same as Chris Brown had. Shit, Sheen even toured the fucking country and had t-shirts made with the whole “bi-winning” thing, when he actually put a knife to the throat of his wife. in fact, when you talk about Sheen you don’t mention what he did to his wife while every time you talk about Brown you mention what he did to Rihanna (I think we should mention that EVERY TIME for both men so noone forgets). Mel Gibson was recorded threatening to kill his wife, and the reaction was milder. It’s racism.

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