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Mel Gibson’s heart goes out to Shia LaBeouf

mel gibson shia labeouf

Yep, you read that right – Mel Gibson has a heart! Of course he sympathizes with Shia LaBeouf. Both of them are batshit insane with nary a thread holding them to the reality of this world. One is a Jew-hating wife beater and the other is a drunk lunatic with an inflated sense of his artistic self, and yet they have more in common than you might think, and Mel knows how difficult it must be for the younger actor.

From Indiewire (via Huffington Post):

“When I see someone like Shia LaBeouf with the bag on his head and stuff, my heart goes out to the poor guy. I think he’s suffering in some way,” Gibson said.

Gibson was referring to an incident in February when LaBeouf showed up to the “Nymphomaniac” premiere with a bag over his head that read “I am not famous anymore.” LaBeouf’s more recent troubles include getting kicked out of a Broadway play and subsequently being arrested by New York police.

“People are in line to sort of point the finger at him and say that he’s this, that, or the other. It’s easy to judge. But I’m sure he’s going through some kind of personal, very painful, cathartic thing that he has to exorcise and get out there,” Gibson continued.

But Gibson is hopeful that LaBeouf will turn his life around.

“He’ll probably play it out and come back … He’ll be all right. I actually like the kid. I think he’s good.”

I dunno, I think Shia might turn his life around, but it will come at the cost of any public career he may have had. The guy is off the map, and it’s probably better that way. Mental illness and show business really do not mix. Mel should know (and yet he’s still making movies).

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Mel Gibson Got Pulled Over and Had a Little Rant Again

mel gibson

Mel Gibson doesn’t like people getting on his nerves. There are many things you could do to annoy him, such as being Jewish, being an ex-girlfriend of his, refusing him alcohol, existing or pulling him over at a routine checkpoint. That last bit is what happened this week – Mel was stopped while driving down the PCH in Malibu with a “female passenger”.

The cops were satisfied that he hadn’t been drinking and let him go, but Mel apparently became enraged by the inconvenience and started screaming. Oh, dear.

From TMZ:

We’re told deputies asked Mel if he had been drinking.  He said no and cops had no reason to suspect otherwise.

But there was a problem … Cops asked Mel to produce his license, and Mel didn’t have it on him. At that point deputies told Mel to go to a secondary screening spot, and that’s when Gibson got angry.  We’re told Mel yelled, “Why are you harassing me?”  Deputies asked why Mel was screaming and he responded, “I have had problems with you Lost Hills [Malibu] deputies in the past.”

Things cooled down when deputies let Mel off with a warning.

Oh, Mel. So much privilege, so little grip on reality.

Surprise! Mel Gibson Screams At Children!

gaby hoffmann mel gibson

Hey, does anyone remember Gaby Hoffmann? Don’t act like you didn’t watch Now and Then, like, 800 times – or, you know, Sleepless In Seattle or Field of Dreams. Take your pick. In any case, Gaby worked with Mel Gibson in The Man Without a Face, and I guess he screamed at her like a maniac on set because, well, he’s Mel Gibson and he’s a terrible person.

From Huffington Post Live:

“I think I happened to work with a bunch of slightly difficult male directors when I was a kid, and then there was Nora [Ephron] who stood out like a shining golden goddess.”

“I’ve since worked with lots of male directors that I love so I no longer see the distinction gender-wise, but yeah, it makes all the difference. You’re either in it together or you’re not, and if you’re not, it sucks.”

“I think we can all agree [working with Gibson is] going to be tough for anyone. He screamed at me. Oh God, he really screamed at me – just started cursing and screaming at me.”

“I think I was acting like a kid instead of a professional actor. It happens once in a while when you’re a kid actor.”

Yeah, that sounds like Mel Gibson, for sure. He’s terrible, so I don’t think anyone will be surprised. I guess you have to applaud him for his consistency, though – it doesn’t even matter if you’re a child. Mel Gibson will still treat you like absolute shit. That’s… comforting?

Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Britney Spears and 11 Other Celebrities Get Hacked, Are Really Rich

beyonce jay-z pics

Another day, another celebrity hacking. This time it’s not tits and ass we’re getting a peek at, but rather private financial information of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars (and a few politicians, too). Surprise: they’re all rich! Filthy rich!

From TMZ:

Twelve big celebs and political figures, including Jay-Z, Beyonce, are the victims of a hacker who has posted detailed information about what appears to be their finances … and we’ve learned law enforcement is on the case.

A website — we’re not disclosing the name — has posted social security numbers, mortgage amounts, credit card info, car loans, banking and other info of major celebs.  In addition to Beyonce and Jay-Z … the site has snagged financial dossiers of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, Joe Biden, Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.

The site was not able to get a lot on Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton, but most of the others on the list have had their financial info compromised.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the LAPD has already launched an investigation.  We’re told the FBI is looking into it.

Damn. Donald Trump and Britney Spears were also added to this list soon after the initial report emerged. Basically nothing is private anymore, not even the financial information of big stars who can, presumably, pay or extra security measures to keep this info from getting out. It’s unclear what anyone would be able to do with this info since presumably, if you tried to steal money from these people, you’d have a damn hard time getting away with it, but maybe I’m just not up on the latest criminal approaches. Not really my scene.

I’m sure we’ll see some more celebs added to this list in the coming weeks. How much do you want to bet that since this is involving famous people, the perps will be caught and in jail by week’s end? Everyone knows Hollywood personalities are important than real crimes affecting regular people.

Mel Gibson Wants to Help Lindsay Lohan

A photo of Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson did some quickie interview a couple of days ago, and he mentioned that, in the past, he’d approached Lindsay while she was having some trouble. Being the kind man that he is, he said that he may reach out to her again in these, her most trying of times. Isn’t that sweet? And when he was asked about her recent troubles, he said “well, we all know about that. It takes one to know one.”

I’m not exactly sure what that last part means beyond “ha ha, I break laws too,” but this is just a bad plan, I think. Mostly because it just doesn’t make any sense. When you’re really bad at something, you don’t look to other people who are also bad at that thing for advice, do you? When I had to take a dance class to graduate college, I was absolutely terrible at it, and when I needed help, I spoke to my friends who had taken ballet since they could walk or my friends who had some natural ability to dance that was so far beyond me. I didn’t ask the guy who twisted his ankle because he thought he was some bad ass who could practice leaps in skinny jeans. It’s common sense.

And you know, I don’t need to read about the tumultuous love affair that will start when these two crazies cross paths. I don’t need to hear those tapes. None of us do. So could we just nip this in the bud now? Please

Mel Gibson Doesn’t Even Get Why Nobody Likes Him Anymore

A photo of Mel Gibson

Poor Mel Gibson. It must be so hard to be so disliked. And really, for what reason? What did Mel Gibson ever do that was so bad? Do you know? Mel Gibson doesn’t know. Mel Gibson has no idea why you don’t like him.

Here’s what Mel had to say during a recent interview after being asked if Hollywood is a forgiving town:

No it’s not. They have to forget. I don’t even think they’re vindictive. I don’t think they think there’s reason to forgive. And forgive what to begin with? What are they asking for? It’s almost like can you please forgive me for what? What did I do, really? It is kind of ridiculous. So it’s kind of hard to pinpoint exactly what needs to be forgiven and I don’t consider that anything does because I didn’t hurt anyone. But you know, hey that’s life. It ain’t easy and it’s not fair. You’ve just got to slip the old water off the back and move on.

Yeah, it’s so not fair. Yeah, he’s a horrible racist and anti-Semite, and sure, there are plenty of recordings to prove it. And yeah, he hit his girlfriend a bunch, and he might have hit a baby. But what did he really do?

I just can’t even. How does Mel Gibson’s mind work? How does he not understand this? How is that even possible?

Surprise: It’s Another Terrifying Recording of Mel Gibson!

A photo of Mel Gibson

It’s been nearly two years since we were graced with all those recordings that let us in on the private life of Mel Gibson, but I know we all remember it like it was yesterday. It’s not every day that you hear Mel Gibson violently screaming at someone to blow him (or at least it wasn’t until that fateful summer of 2010). The memories of Mel’s terrifying rants will surely stick with us for a long, long time.

And probably even longer now that we’re still hearing them.

Ok, we have to catch up a little bit. This story has been developing for a week or so, so I’ll just give you the rundown real quick, all right? See, Mel Gibson was trying to make this movie called The Maccabees, which is weird, because the Maccabees were a bunch of hardcore, badass Jews, and that doesn’t really sound like Mel’s cup of tea, does it? But Mel got this guy named Joe Eszterhas to write the movie for him. Time went on, things happened, and then Warner Brothers was like “you know what, never mind, let’s not do this movie right now,” apparently because they weren’t feeling Joe’s script. So Joe wrote this big long letter to Mel, basically saying that Mel never wanted to make the movie in the first place, he just wanted people to get off his back for being such a bigot. He also went on and on (the letter’s nine pages long) about how crazy Mel is, about the awful things he called Jews and Oksana and about all the times he had to deal with Mel’s crazy ass. Mel responded with what was essentially just a big ol’ “nuh-uh,” and here we are.

So what’s the deal with the new recording? In the letter Joe wrote, he said that in December, he took his family down to Costa Rica to stay at Mel’s house down there, along with some other guests. One night, everyone was waiting for dinner, and Mel was checking out the internets, and he saw a picture of himself with his baby daughter, Luci, and he flipped out because “I look so f-cking old! I look horrible! That f-cking whore is destroying me! She’s taking my looks! I hate her! She’s destroying my life!” Totally rational, right?

Mel then, according to Joe, starting running around the house and knocking things over, and yelling about both Oksana and Joe’s script. He screamed a bunch of random obscenities, and then drove away. Is that believable? Could you see Mel doing all that? Of course you can. And if you can’t, here’s the recording to prove it:

Here’s the transcript so you can read along at home, since it’s a little hard to understand him when he gets all full of rage like that.

Oh, and sorry for the nightmares.