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Robert Downey Jr. Thinks It’s High Time to Forgive Mel Gibson

A photo of Robert Downey Jr. and Mel Gibson

Robert Downey Jr. is one magical dude. We all know that. He’s been through a lot, he overcame, and now he’s Mr. Peanut. Could you even ask for a more inspiring tale?

Well, it looks like RDJ himself is asking for one, because he’s saying that the time has come to forgive Mel Gibson for all his wrongdoings. And what a fairy tale that would be!

Robert Downey Jr. created what could become a turning point in Mel Gibson’s public rehab last night, by heaping praise on Mel, telling a large crowd of celebrities that Mel deserved forgiveness.

Downey was being honored for his life work in Beverly Hills, when Mel took the stage and recalled how he had helped Downey when he was down and out, reflecting that people had warned him of Robert’s bad ways, but all Mel could see was a good guy. Then Mel made fun of himself, cautioning the crowd to remember who was making the assessment.

Then it was Downey’s turn. The two had worked together in “Air America,” bur more significantly, Mel had posted an insurance bond for Downey when all the movie companies refused because he was such a high risk.

Downey used a metaphor that he and Mel shared, telling the crowd, “When I couldn’t get sober, Mel helped me” … by giving him food and shelter. Downey said Mel told him to find faith and accept responsibility — Mel called it “hugging the cactus.”

Then Downey told the Crowd … Mel hugged the cactus long enough, and the place erupted in applause.

Yeah, I’m not so sure about that. Mel Gibson did a lot of bad things, like an unbelievable amount of bad things. But then again, RDJ isn’t asking that we go on a date with the guy, or let him join our book club or anything. He’s just asking that Mel gets the chance to act again. And maybe that’s ok.

What do you think? Should Mel continue to be shunned, or is it acceptable to let him make movies again?

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  • Who’s stopping him from acting? It ain’t us. He’ll have to take his chances with the public like everyone else. Personally, his days of appearing charming are long, long past.

  • You can have a disease and be a dick. You can have a mental illness and be a dick. And you can just be a dick. I’m not sure what other problems Mel has but he most certainly is a dick. His Mr. Nice Guy persona was bullshit. People generally applaud those who fight addictions or illnesses and overcome them. But this is different. The man is the poster boy for character flaws and, as I said, is a dick.

  • There is such a difference between “forgiving” a guy with a drug problem (RDJ) and a hateful, woman beating, bigot (Mel).

  • Mel is making a movie (and a questionable choice of subject matter at that considering how he feels about jews) so I do not see that he has been shunned and prevented from acting.

  • Are you people kidding? The nature in which RDJ was on the skids is completely different from MG hateful heart. This man has shown his true face to the world and because he’s “suffering” you want to forgive him??? Does this mean he has now come to love all Jews and blacks because he can’t find work or does it mean he called in a favor from RDJ to bail his ass out.

    Please wake up people and stop being sheep. Mel Gibson is still the same hate mongler he’s always been and if any of you don’t realize there is a difference between being an addict (Robert Downey Jr.) and being an A****** (Mel Gibson) then the world is truely doomed.


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