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Robert Downey Jr: “That’s Just Poop. That’s No Big Deal.”

A photo of Robert Downey Jr.

I know, I know, two Robert Downey Jr. posts in the same day. But come on, what am I supposed to do? It’s a story where he talks about babies AND cats. Am I just supposed to leave that alone?

The deal is that last night, at the same event where RDJ defended Mel Gibson, Robert revealed that he and his wife, Susan, found out the sex of their sure-to-be adorable baby – does anyone else feel like they’re going to squee to death over this baby? – and that they have a name picked out and everything. Of course, we don’t get to hear about either, but we DO get to hear about the couple’s new pets!

RDJ and Susan adopted two cats after they “rescued them from a bush in West Hollywood that a friend of ours found.” Their names are Montgomery and Dartanian, and I will be scouring the whole internet for any pictures probably for the next few years of him with those kitties. Is that sad?

Finally, Robert Downey Jr. got asked about changing diapers, to which he charmingly answered “That’s just poop. That’s no big deal.” So now I appreciate him for the way he talks about baby poop. And I’m not proud of that.

Is there a support group out there? Can we start one?

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  • Yes, and I bet HE doesn’t get rid of his cats now that his wife is pregnant, unlike a certain actor who’s wife isn’t even pregnant yet.