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What Oksana Grigorieva Looked Like After Mel Gibson Bashed Her Teeth In

I don’t know about your guys, but breaking my teeth is one of my biggest fears. Break my nose, break my EYEBALLS, but don’t go anywhere near my teeth, you know? They’re just a mad sensitive part of the human body.

That being said, I am revolted by this dentist photo of Oksana Grigorieva that was published on RadarOnline. Apparently this was taken the day after she got into an altercation with Mel. Can you even imagine looking in the mirror and seeing all your teeth broken up and looking crazy?

Mel’s legal team is claiming that because the front teeth were veneers and not her real teeth, so it’s not as bad as she’s claiming it to be. Because we’re all hung up on whether or not the teeth that were beaten out of her head are real, right guys?

Mel Gibson is the biggest loser of the decade. Hands down.

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  • I don’t believe this golddigger at all. Pictures can be photoshopped. Initially the dentist said he didn’t see any damage to this losers teeth, then he does a 180 claiming he did. Neither are believable.

  • He is the biggest fucking loser. Karma’s a bitch Mel. A big, badass bitch. You’ll get yours and won’t we just fucking love it when you hit rock bottom, you piece of shit.

  • She’s the biggest lying sack of shit EVER. She’s just another lying, fucking, golddigging, starfucking whore. An ugly one at that—whoever chopped up her face to look like a half-assed wanna’be Angelina Jolie did a lousy job. Although he did probably do Mel a favor by putting that big vagina on her face in place of a real mouth…