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Mel Gibson Wants to Help Lindsay Lohan

A photo of Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson did some quickie interview a couple of days ago, and he mentioned that, in the past, he’d approached Lindsay while she was having some trouble. Being the kind man that he is, he said that he may reach out to her again in these, her most trying of times. Isn’t that sweet? And when he was asked about her recent troubles, he said “well, we all know about that. It takes one to know one.”

I’m not exactly sure what that last part means beyond “ha ha, I break laws too,” but this is just a bad plan, I think. Mostly because it just doesn’t make any sense. When you’re really bad at something, you don’t look to other people who are also bad at that thing for advice, do you? When I had to take a dance class to graduate college, I was absolutely terrible at it, and when I needed help, I spoke to my friends who had taken ballet since they could walk or my friends who had some natural ability to dance that was so far beyond me. I didn’t ask the guy who twisted his ankle because he thought he was some bad ass who could practice leaps in skinny jeans. It’s common sense.

And you know, I don’t need to read about the tumultuous love affair that will start when these two crazies cross paths. I don’t need to hear those tapes. None of us do. So could we just nip this in the bud now? Please