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Mel Gibson Got Pulled Over and Had a Little Rant Again

mel gibson

Mel Gibson doesn’t like people getting on his nerves. There are many things you could do to annoy him, such as being Jewish, being an ex-girlfriend of his, refusing him alcohol, existing or pulling him over at a routine checkpoint. That last bit is what happened this week – Mel was stopped while driving down the PCH in Malibu with a “female passenger”.

The cops were satisfied that he hadn’t been drinking and let him go, but Mel apparently became enraged by the inconvenience and started screaming. Oh, dear.

From TMZ:

We’re told deputies asked Mel if he had been drinking.  He said no and cops had no reason to suspect otherwise.

But there was a problem … Cops asked Mel to produce his license, and Mel didn’t have it on him. At that point deputies told Mel to go to a secondary screening spot, and that’s when Gibson got angry.  We’re told Mel yelled, “Why are you harassing me?”  Deputies asked why Mel was screaming and he responded, “I have had problems with you Lost Hills [Malibu] deputies in the past.”

Things cooled down when deputies let Mel off with a warning.

Oh, Mel. So much privilege, so little grip on reality.

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  • I don’t know.. he may have been an ass in the past (and he was DEF an asshole) but yelling “why are you harassing me?” when the cops were clearly being assholes doesn’t seem outrageous to me. The cops identified he was not breaking any law and wanted him to prove he was who he was in another location for no other reason than to waste his time. I’d be annoyed too.