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Look, It’s Blue Ivy Carter!

A photo of Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter

Yesterday evening, Beyonce and Jay-Z did a really surprising thing: they posted pictures of their little bundle of joy, Blue Ivy, on Jay-Z’s site. I say it’s surprising because wouldn’t it make sense that a baby who gets diamond earrings and platinum bracelets would get a glamorous photo shoot in Vogue or something? It caught me a little off guard that the pictures were just posted online. What’s way more surprising though is that we’re seeing little Blue at all. For a couple as private as Beyonce and Jay-Z, and for all the rumors of surrogacy that have been going around, you’d think that it would be a good long while before we’d see any pictures at all. Not so much, I guess.

But hey, is this baby gorgeous or what? I mean, I’m one of those people who think babies are precious and adorable always, but this baby is just beautiful. I’m pretty sure it’s the hair. But her little hands and her little nose and her little baby lips! Babies, you guys! Can you even stand it?!

There’s already a lot of talk surrounding these photos: some people say the baby looks like Jay-Z and not Beyonce at all, some people say the baby doesn’t look like either of them, some people say that the baby doesn’t look to be the right age. Some people are saying that some of the pictures look Photoshopped, and some people are saying that Beyonce’s perfect hair post-delivery is a little suspect. Basically, people are saying a lot of things.

What do you guys think about the pictures? Where do you stand on the surrogacy situation, or do you even care anymore now that you’ve seen this beautiful baby? Oh, and speaking of caring, Mariah Carey didn’t want to be outdone by these long-awaited baby pictures, so she went ahead and posted a really good one of Dem Babies a couple minutes after we were introduced to Blue Ivy:

A photo of Monroe and Moroccan Cannon


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  • Blue Ivy is the spitting image of her mother! Wow! And Nick and Mariah’s babies are pretty darn cute, too…

  • There are people saying that Beyonce’s perfect hair post-delivery is a little suspect ? Surely they realise that that is not her real hair ?

  • Yes, her hair is suspect (too perfect). That baby is not red, blotchy, misshapen or anything. Most babies are not this picture perfect for a month.

  • It’s the weirdest thing, I had a little boy in October and Blue Ivy is the absolute double of him. So tempted to post a photo to prove it. Are the pictures supposed to be post-delivery because I don’t think they are, on the basis that that lickle baby looks so much like mine that I’m guessing she’s about a week old in these pictures.

  • Ummm…so Jay Z isn’t the father? I’m confused? Whose baby is this again?
    Please. Unless he has white in his family too…on second thought both her parents don’t look mixed either…fucken nevermind. Just killing time

  • All these babies look white/hispanic to me. I mean, I know Mariah’s light…and I know that Beyonce’s is sometimes photoshopped lighter….

    I just don’t know. Maybe it’s the flash? -_-

  • Sometimes black babies do look more light-skinned when they’re first born, but Mariah and Nick’s twins are older and those babies look WHITE. I know Mariah’s light, but those babies would be three quarters black, right?

  • I still question if she actually had the baby, or not. However, its obvious these were shopped and taken professionally. I don’t think they were right after birth, but I also wouldn’t doubt that Beyonce had a team there to do her up for post-baby pictures anyway.

  • Why does the baby have light skin when neither of them do? I see more resemblence to jay z. Other than the skin colour I mean. And if this was right after birth beyonce looks really good. I’ve never seen anyone give birth and still look hot most women are all disheveled and pale lol

  • Hi Beyounce my name is latimothaya but if thats hard to say call me angel. Im a 11 year old i realy want to be a singer like willow smith. But Im to scared to sing infront of anybody can you give me some advice please. Oh and your baby is so BEAUTIFULL.

  • A lot of mixed and black babies are actually pretty light during the first year or so of their lives. I’m mixed (black and Italian) and I look like snow white in all of my baby photos. I got darker as I aged.