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Watch This: Mariah Unveils Her Twins (No, Not THOSE Twins) on National Television

Photo: Babs, Mariah, Nick Cannon, and DEM BABIES!

At long last! Meet Moroccan and Monroe, Mariah Carey‘s babies with husband Nick Cannon. Well, OK—in the preview clip from 20/20 you really only see the backs of the babies’ heads. (But! The full interview is embedded below! BABIES!)

The happy foursome sat down with Barbara Walters to talk about love, marriage, and baby-makin’. And although it’s old news, I sincerely did not know about Mariah’s miscarriage. Ugh.

If you have time, do watch the whole interview, which first aired last night. I’d always wondered what makes this couple tick, and the way Mariah Carey is always on the verge of snapping at Nick Cannon is kind of adorable. It really is! She can’t stop messing with him, and he’s totally into it.

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– Mariah’s L.A. home has a huuuuge chandelier. (Lady, I’d expect nothing less.)

– The happy couple has indeed nicknamed the twins “Roc and Roe,” which is just, oh, no.

– Mariah cops to having reservations about getting remarried (her first marriage, to record producer Tommy Mottola, was notorious for its disastrousness). “But this is a different situation,” she adds, “and I’m a different person.”

– It was a “high risk” pregnancy—Mariah was, after all, 40 years old and carrying twins. She took progesterone to halve her chances of another miscarriage. By pregnancy’s end, she couldn’t move on her own. She wanted to carry the babies to term, but her doctor, sensing danger, ordered an emergency C-section.

– It’s true! It’s true! The twins really were born to Mariah’s “Fantasy”. Monroe was born first.

– While Nick Cannon hopes the kids inherit their mother’s voice, he’d prefer they embark on more intellectual pursuits. “Go get a PhD! A Master’s degree!” he says. Whoa: Mariah Carey looks so annoyed.

– The sight of baby Roc, staring up and smiling slightly while Mariah sings to him, is just totally heart-melting.

You can find more photographs of Roc and Roe at—I can’t believe they actually registered the domain nameDemBabies dot com. Every photo is my favorite photo.

(Image via ABC News.)

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  • I hope they really are happy; she’s had a tough go in love, and he seems like a genuinely good-hearted, down-to-earth man.

    Minus the 12,000sq ft NYC pad, the “Moroccon room”, etc, they seem “normal”.